Electric Vehicles and Charging

Electric Vehicles and Charging


The City of Elk Grove is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions consistent with State legislation. The City will reduce GHG emissions and adapt to climate change through the goals, measures, and strategies identified in the Climate Action Plan.  

Transportation-related GHG emissions comprise 47% (on-road) and 57% of the City’s total emissions, as per the 2013 GHG Inventory. Reducing the dependence on fossil fuels by utilizing transportation alternatives and congestion management strategies can significantly help in reducing GHG emissions. 

The City’s efforts are currently focused on two activities – a Zero Emission Fleet Transition Plan for City operations and development of new Community EV Charging Facilities  

City Zero Emission Fleet Transition

Project Description

The City of Elk Grove is planning to shift the municipal fleet to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) over the next decade.  An Infrastructure Plan for Fleet Electrification is currently in process and will provide a detailed roadmap for supporting this conversion.  This Plan will support the reduction of GHG and vehicle emissions by City fleet vehicles, City staff vehicles, and public vehicles at City facilities by providing a blueprint for a charging network sufficient to maintain fleet readiness and responsiveness, and that will be able to grow as additional EVs are added to the fleet and are increasingly prevalent among staff and the public.  
Shifting the City fleet to ZEVs will help meet sustainability goals and, potentially, reduce costs.  Fleet electrification will reduce the City’s carbon footprint significantly, as the vehicle fleet is the largest category of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions relative to City operations.  Electric vehicles have a lower maintenance cost and lower running cost when compared to either internal combustion engine vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles.  Over the coming decade the City anticipates moving the City fleet primarily to electric, provided suitable electric vehicles are available. 

Project Timeline 

Preparation of the Fleet Transition Plan is underway now and expected to be complete in mid-2023. Implementation will be phased, beginning with new charging infrastructure and initial vehicle purchases, likely sedans and some smaller SUVs. As the types of vehicles available in the market expands, City fleet purchases will extend to other vehicle types including trucks and patrol vehicles.  

Community EV Charging Facilities

The City of Elk Grove has a goal of installing 100 electric vehicle charging stations in public facilities and commercial land uses by 2030 and 459 electric vehicle charging stations in multi-family residential and office land uses by 2030.  

To find where public and existing electric vehicle charging stations are currently located, view the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels and Advance Vehicles Data Center map

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Incentives and Rebates

SMUD offers rebates and/or incentives for the installation of EV charging equipment. Learn about SMUD programs, rebates and incentives, and rates for plug-in electric vehicle owners.

The City is exploring opportunities to partner with SMUD to develop incentives for existing commercial and multifamily residential properties seeking to install electric vehicle charging facilities.