Large Recyclables Dropoff

Large Recyclables Dropoff

Not all recyclable materials are accepted. Learn more

The large recyclables dropoff is for Elk Grove Residents only

If you have hard-to-recycle items that do not fit into your curbside cart such as large amounts of green waste, cardboard, or an appliance, then as an Elk Grove Resident you may bring up to one (1) load per month (the size of an average pick-up truck bed) to the Bulky Waste Dropoff at the Special Waste Collection Center at no additional charge.

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Acceptable Items

  • Styrofoam (Packing Material)

    • #6 type Styrofoam accepted
    • Foam used for packing or cooler
    • Clean food containers marked with a #6
    • No flexible sheet of foam
    • No packing peanuts (some local UPS stores accept this)
  • Cardboard

    • All double-walled cardboard and shipping boxes of any size
    • All cardboard should be flattened prior to placing it into the recycle bin.
    • Remove tape
    • No coated cardboard i.e. waxed milk/juice cartons.
    • No styrofoam
  • Metal

    All types of large scrap metal and items made predominantly of metal will be accepted. This includes I-beams, guard rails, pipes, bicycle frames (remove tires, seats, handle bar grips), metal doors, metal bedframes, aluminum items, steel and lead, exercise equipment, lawn mowers (drained of oil and gas, If electric, remove battery before delivery).

    Note: This facility is not a CRV center so we cannot offer cash back for recyclables.

  • Inert Materials

    We accept small amounts concrete (no rebar), rubble, brick, rock, soil, gravel, and dirt. We can NOT accept dry wall, toilets, terra cotta pots, and porcelain, metal, pet waste, plastic, green waste, decorative ground cover bark.

    Large amounts of clean concrete can be delivered directly to Rooco Rents & Materials located at 9182 Survey Rd. Elk Grove, CA 95624

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  • Appliances

    Generally, this includes anything with a cord like blenders, vacuum cleaners, alarm clocks, toasters, washing machines, clothes dryers, hot water heaters, stoves, etc. Appliances containing freon will not be accepted, i.e. freezers, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and radiator heaters.

    Note: Appliances with a circuit board are considered E-waste and can be disposed of at the Special Waste Collection Center or via curbside E-waste collection.

  • Green Waste and Yard Waste

    Small amounts of green waste such as tree trimmings, leaves, weeds, branches, dead plants, brush, pruning, milled lumber, bare non-treated wood, non-treated firewood, fallen trees, will be accepted.

    Residents may drop off one truck-size load (4 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft) of green/yard waste once per month.

    We Do Not Accept:

    • Business / contractor waste
    • No stumps with a diameter larger than 1 foot
    • *No Treated Wood (railroad ties, telephone poles, fence posts, decking, landscape timbers, and tree stakes. Treated wood is often identified by staining from treatment (often light green) and/or incision marks on lumber. Please refer to treated wood list of approved contractors
    • Furniture of any kind
    • Wood Pallets
    • Plastics of any kind
    • Garden Supplies and Hoses
    • Sod as Lawn Strips
    • Ceramic Tiles
    • Items with cloths or fabrics
    • Carpets
    • Mattresses  
    • Glass and Mirrors of any kind

Note: We will not accept material transported in a business or contractor's vehicle. Waste must be transported in a privately-owned vehicle with no business markings.

Please Be Aware of the Following Regulations

  1. Elk Grove residents are allowed to dispose of recyclables once per month.
  2. Residents are limited to one truck bed size load (4 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft) of material per visit.
  3. Residents from outside of Elk Grove are not allowed to use the Recycling Area.
  4. Recyclables, including yard waste or construction material, will not be accepted if transported in a company/contractor vehicle.
  5. We reserve the right to limit waste loads based on availability and/or source (i.e., non-residential).
  6. No Trash of any kind is allowed at the facility, only material that is 100% recyclable will be allowed.
  7. Composite material (mix of metal and wood, or plastic and metal) will not be accepted.
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