The Purchasing Division oversees all aspects of the city's centralized procurement process. The Purchasing Division staff assists other City Departments in procurement efforts, securing material and services which meet necessary standards and are in compliance with applicable City policy and State law, assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified suppliers.

Use of Recycled Products

At the option of the department making the purchase, the bid specifications may include a five (5%) percent price preference to be given to recycled products. If included, the price preference shall be determined based upon the lowest price quoted by suppliers offering recycled products and the maximum amount of the price preference shall not exceed Ten Thousand and no/100ths ($10,000.00) Dollars per purchase. Persons submitting proposals or bidding to provide products or services to the City shall be notified of the city's preference for the use of recycled products, including the price preference. Bidders shall be asked to identify in writing to the City the types of recycled materials that will be used and to certify in writing the percentage and contents of recycled material and post-consumer recycled material in the product.



Purchasing Manager

Joe Simone
Emailor (916) 478-3606
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