Acceptable/Unacceptable Hazardous Waste

Acceptable/Unacceptable Hazardous Waste

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Acceptable Items

Note: The following is a list of typical hazardous waste items. Not all household hazardous waste is listed below; other items may be accepted at our facility. If you have a question about a specific item, please contact us at the Household Hazardous Waste information line: (916) 627-3232.

1 The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency prohibits household hazardous waste collection facilities from accepting any controlled substances so all prescription medications must be taken to an alternative drop off site. See for the location nearest you.

2Non-friable asbestos must be wet-down to prevent dusting. Double-bag asbestos waste into 6 mil (or greater) plastic bags. Seal individual bags with duct tape. Label each double bag boldly with "Asbestos Containing Material". Each bag may not weigh more than 50 pounds. The maximum amount that can be transported at one time is 125 pounds.

3E-waste Disclosure: the City of Elk Grove does not guarantee the protection of sensitive personal data left on electronic devices that are turned in for recycling. When bringing electronic waste for disposal, please consider factory resetting and/or wiping your devices clear of any personal or sensitive information before dropping them off.

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  • Pesticides & Garden Products
    • Chemical Fertilizer
    • Flea Collars & Bombs
    • Fungicide
    • Herbicide and Weed Killer
    • Insecticide and Ant Killers
    • Snail and Slug Poisons
  • Pool and Hobby Products
    • Artist and Model Paints
    • Firearm Cleaning Solvents
    • Photographic Chemicals
    • Pool Chemicals
    • Disinfectants and pH Balancing Chemicals
    • Solvent-Based Glue
    • Propane cylinders (5 gal or less)
    • Road Flares
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Light Ballasts
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  • Automotive Products
    • Anti-freeze
    • Auto and Motorcycle Batteries
    • Auto Paint and Primer
    • Car Wax
    • Engine Cleaner and Degreaser
    • Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
    • Kerosene
    • Motor Oil
    • Transmission Fluid
  • Paint Products
    • Enamel and Oil-based Paint
    • Furniture Stripper
    • Latex and Water-based Paint
    • Paint Stripper & Paint Thinner
    • Rust Paint
    • Varnish
    • Wood Preservative
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Universal Waste

  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • LED Bulbs
  • Mercury-containing Devices
  • Electronic Devices:
    • Cell Phones3
    • CRT's and Rear Projection Televisions
    • Copiers and Fax Machines
    • Computers3 and Laptops3
    • Computer Monitors
    • LCD and Plasma Televisions
    • Tablets
    • Telephones
    • Radios and Stereos
    • Printers
    • VCR/DVD Players

Unacceptable Items

Items not accepted at the SWCC Facility:

  • Trash or Non-Hazardous waste items
  • Mattresses
  • Explosives waste (ammunition, picric acid, marine flares and fireworks)
  • Infectious Medical Waste
  • Large Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Radioactive Wastes - If you're uncertain of your waste, please call to confirm ahead of time
  • Treated Wood Waste -What is Treated Wood Waste?
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