Community Mobility Resilience Project

Community Mobility Resilience Project

In late 2018, the City of Elk Grove received funding from Caltrans to prepare a Community Mobility Resilience Plan. On February 24, 2021, the City Council adopted the Community Mobility Resilience Plan. This plan developed detailed actions, funding strategies and partnerships to respond and adapt to the local impacts of climate change on the transportation system. The plan focuses on three primary climate-related impacts that the City has identified as high priorities: flooding, extreme heat, and the fiscal impact to the City of declining sales tax revenue due to an expected reduction in driving and vehicle and fuel sales. The planning process involved close collaboration with community organizations and other public agencies, and tied into transportation-related climate change adaptation initiatives underway at the regional and state levels.

Overall Project Objectives

  • Support and contribute to regional and state goals by focusing on adaptation to climate change of Elk Grove's transportation network and infrastructure system.
  • Analyze and quantify the risks to the City and the transportation network related to the three identified priority climate change impacts.
  • Identify a range of potential strategies for both mitigations and responses to the identified risks.
  • Select preferred strategies for risk mitigation and responses based on input from stakeholders, City officials, and the public, and identify specific actions to implement selected strategies.
  • Form a Mobility Resilience Task Force comprising key community stakeholders to oversee implementation of selected programs and actions.
  • Identify potential sources of funding for adaptation programs and actions.
  • Prepare a Community Mobility Resilience Plan summarizing risks, strategies, and actions, to be adopted by the City Council.

White Papers

In Spring 2020 the City released three Community Mobility Resilience Plan White Papers. These white papers provide in-depth analysis of the three topic areas chosen for the Plan and served as a foundation the Plan was developed. The white papers include a set of resilience strategy recommendations for consideration by community stakeholders and the general public.

City Council Staff Reports related to Community Resilience Plan