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Standard Construction Specifications

The Standard Construction Specifications are used by the development industry and the City’s capital improvement program to provide direction, provisions and requirements for construction projects.

Revised Construction Specifications

Section Number Section Title Approval Date
8-1.03.B Mobilization a Pay Item  10/06/2022 
5-8.01 Submittals - General  4/25/2023
5-8.05 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Submittals  4/25/2023 
7-8.01 Allowable Times and Hours of Work 6/21/2023
7-8.02 Off Period Work 6/21/2023
2-8 Subcontractors 08/22/2023
7-8.06 Lane and Road Closures during November/December Holiday Season 08/22/2023
1-3 Definitions 2/15/2024
49-1.04 Equipment List and Drawings 2/15/2024
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Improvement Standards

The City's Improvement Standards provides guidance and design standards primarily for the purpose of helping land developers with their subdivision projects. 

Revised Improvement Standards

Section Number Section Title Approval Date
3-6 Drainage, Sewer, Water, Signing and Striping and Grading Layout  1/30/2023 
9-12 Closed Conduits 2/13/2024


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Standard Drawings

Standard Drawings are used when the same design or construction feature is used multiple times. It prevents needless re-engineering of common details and allows for consistent and repeatable construction details. 

Revised Standard Drawings

Section Number Section Title Approval Date
T-3.1 Veteran and Public Safety Street Name Sign 1/30/2023
ST-46 Micro-Trenching 1/30/2023
AR-4.2 Single Parallel Curb Ramp for Uncontrolled T-Intersections  4/25/2023 
SL-13 2-Wire Street Light System Wire Size and Voltage Drop Calculation 06/21/2023
SL-14 3-Wire Street Light System Wire Size and Voltage Drop Calculation 06/21/2023
D-1 Approval Blocks 06/21/2023
T-21.1, T-21.2 Traffic Signal Mast Arm Sign Assembly 03/12/2024
ST-38 Pavement Widening Detail 03/12/2024
AR-4.1 Dual Parallel Curb Ramps 03/12/2024
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