How is Elk Grove run?



The Elk Grove City Council establishes the policies that guide business at City Hall. The Council is made up of five representatives: the mayor, and four city council members. The Mayor serves a two-year term; the other council members serve staggered four-year terms.? City Council members reside in four different districts,?elected by voters of their district alone.? We vote for our Mayor, every two years in November, and each resident votes for their council member district representative once every four years.

Elk Grove's City Manager is the liaison between the City Council, the community, and City departments. The City Manager is hired by the City Council to carry out the direction and initiatives provided by the City Council and manage the daily operations at City Hall.??

Funding for many City services come from local property and sales taxes.? Other fees and taxes, such as State Gas Tax, provide special funds for dedicated services.?

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