Elk Grove Cycle Quest

Elk Grove Cycle Quest

Welcome to Elk Grove Cycle Quest!

The City of Elk Grove is a great place for students and their families to bike. Use the bike-related activities and resources to learn how to bike safely in the community.  

Elk Grove Cycle Quest: The Safe Biking Adventure Book

Cycle Quest books are being printed and delivered to third graders at select schools in Fall 2023. We’re working to get them into all third graders’ hands soon.

Download the activity book

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Protect Your Brain

Your brain is really special — don’t forget to protect it! Before you get on your bike, make sure that you have a properly fitting helmet. 

Learn About Proper Helmet Fit To Protect Your Splendid Brain!

Do You Wear A Patka Or Turban?

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Get Your Bike Ready to Ride

Every time you get on your bike, do a quick check to make sure it's ready to go. Review these resources to learn about the ABC Quick Check and proper bike fit.

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Be Safe Wherever You Ride.

There are a lot of different places where you can ride your bike — trails, bike lanes, roundabouts, and more. Check out these videos to learn about how and where to ride all over Elk Grove.



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Know Your Signs and Signals

Traffic signs and signals help all road users know what to do. There are lots of signs and signals that bicyclists (and drivers!) need to follow, so it’s important to understand what they mean.  
Read on to learn what each sign means to stay safe on the roads. 

Sign   Meaning
Stop Sign  Stop! Put one foot down and look both ways for traffic. 
One way only  The arrow shows which way traffic is traveling. Make sure to travel in that direction. 
Yield  Slow down! Wait for a safe gap in traffic before continuing. You must let other cars/bicyclists/pedestrians go first. 
Crossing ahead  Pedestrians are crossing the street. Get ready to slow down or stop if you see people crossing. 
Do Not Enter  You can’t bike here! These signs make sure you aren’t biking in the wrong direction. 
Speed limit  The number shows how many miles per hour cars can legally go. 
Bike lane  This road has a bike lane on it. If you're riding on the street, try to stay in the bike lane. 
Walk signal  You can cross the street, but always make sure to look both ways before you start! 

Be Seen to Be Safe

No matter how you're getting around — by foot, bike, or car — you should always be looking out for other people. This is especially important at night when it's harder to see. Remember these tips to stay seen on your bike at night: 

  • Your bicycle must be equipped with a front white light. 
  • Your bicycle must have a red reflector on the back or, even better, a solid or flashing red light. 
  • Avoid wearing all dark colors to be more visible.

Want to do even more?

Check out these fun ways to stay bright at night! 

How Bike Smart Are You?

Think you know how to stay safe on your bike? Take our Elk Grove Cycle Quest quiz to see what you know and (maybe) what you need to learn more about! 

Take the Quiz

Do the Cycle Quest Scavenger Hunt!

Ready to explore Elk Grove by bike? Bring along the Cycle Quest scavenger hunt to help you create your route and make your ride an adventure!  

Want extra bonus points? With your grown-up, take photos of you finding the scavenger hunt items and send us your photos so we can see all the fun you're having around town!

Do the Scavenger Hunt

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Print Your Cycle Quest Certificate

Have you read all the information above, watched all the videos, and taken all the quizzes? If so, congrats! You're a Cycle Quest superstar! 

Fill out the Cycle Quest certificate, print it out, and hang it on the refrigerator with pride. Nice work! 

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Elk Grove Biking Resources

Elk Grove is a great place to bike. These resources will help you find an adventure, get the right gear, and stay safe on your bike. 

Elk Grove Safe Routes to School

Learn how Elk Grove is making walking, biking, and rolling safer for students.

Elk Grove Roundabout Activity Book

Find out how to navigate roundabouts while walking, biking, and driving.

Elk Grove Bike Shops

Need a bike? Or a tune-up? Check out the bike shops in Elk Grove that can help you get on your way!

Bike Maps

There are so many wonderful places to bike in Elk Grove. Plan your next adventure using our bike map.

Bike Rules and Laws

Learn about ElkGrove’s bike rules and laws to stay safe and legal.

Bicycle Safer Journey

Want to keep learning? Check out these bike safety resources to keep the conversation going.