Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

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The Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a strategic planning document that details the City of Elk Groves commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  The CAP includes an accounting of GHG emission sources for Elk Grove, along with a framework for reducing emissions and adopting climate adaptation measures.  The document identifies strategies in various sectors, including transportation, energy use, land use, and solid waste, that will help the City to achieve GHG emission reduction targets set by the State.  The CAP also enables new development projects consistent with the CAP and the General Plan to tier from the environmental review process and minimize subsequent project-level analysis.

The current Climate Action Plan was adopted by the City Council on February 27, 2019 and amended in December 2019 and December 2022. The City is currently in the process of updating the CAP.  

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Climate Ambassadors Program

The CAP update process includes a Climate Ambassador Program. The goal of the Climate Ambassador Program is to improve resident knowledge of and engagement around climate efforts.  Participants will be encouraged to have conversations with members of their community and share input on how Elk Grove can be more healthy, sustainable and resilient, and will be compensated for their time. Climate Ambassadors will gain knowledge around topics of climate change, environmental justice, equity, renewable energy, clean transportation, water conservation, and recycling and waste. These efforts will help to develop a more community and equity focused climate action plan and support greater community participation in reaching the climate goals.

The Climate Ambassador Program will help Elk Grove achieve the State's long-term 2045 goal of reducing GHG emissions to 85 percent below 1990 levels, along with the State-recommended target of reducing GHG emissions to 45 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

The City of Elk Grove is looking for community members to join us who:

  • Are residents and/or business owners in the City of Elk Grove
  • Are interested in engaging their community around climate, environment and equity issues
  • Are interested in collaborating with other interested community members, topical experts and City staff
  • Have the ability to view online informational materials
  • Are able to commit a few hours a month to supporting this effort.  

Apply to be a Climate Ambassador

Climate Ambassadors will be compensated at a rate of approximately $20 per hour, up to a maximum of $500 per participant. Compensation is in the form of a gift card.