(Grant Line) Southeast Industrial Area

(Grant Line) Southeast Industrial Area

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In 2014, the City acquired an approximately 100-acre property along the south side of Grant Line Road near Waterman Road for the possible development of a multi-sport park complex. However, after extensive review, the City is no longer pursuing this concept. Rather, the area has been designated for industrial and commercial development.

In June 2021 the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) approved annexation of 382-acres to the City (referred to as the Phase 1 Annexation). An additional 189-acres (Phase 2) may be annexed at a later date.

This website details the approved planning and infrastructure documentation for the Southeast Industrial Area. For details on submittal requirements and approval process for development applications, contact the Planning Division.

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General Plan, Specific Plan, and Zoning

The Southeast Industrial Area has been designated a collection of Light and Heavy Industrial and Regional Retail uses.

Pursuant to City General Plan policy, a Specific Plan has been prepared for the entirety of the Project area. The Specific Plan establishes a framework for future development of the Project area, including further discussion on the land plan and how it is implemented through zoning, and the infrastructure and public services necessary to serve future development infrastructure. The Specific Plan applies to the entirety of the Project area (in keeping with the intent of the LAFCo conditions on the 2019 Sphere of Influence approval to consider the entirety of the Project area). The Specific Plan also incorporates information from the Plan for Services and Public Facilities Financing Plan, which are described below.

A Market Analysis, focusing on potential industrial development, has also been prepared for the Project. This is required both under City General Plan policy and as a condition of approval by LAFCo.

Infrastructure Analysis

The City has completed studies for water, sewer, drainage, and transportation infrastructure to serve the area. These studies consider the full infrastructure needs of the entire SOI area (both Phase 1 and Phase 2 annexations). This approach is in keeping with the intent of the SOI Amendment conditions of approval as approved by LAFCo.

Plan for Service and Public Facilities Financing Plan

A Plan for Service and Public Facilities Financing Plan is a required component of an annexation application to LAFCo. It provides information to assist LAFCo in determining whether public services provided to the affected territory can be reasonably provided, constructed, maintained, and financed.

Environmental Review


Approval of the Sphere of Influence in 2019 required the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) . Because of the planned zoning, Specific Plan, and additional details available in the infrastructure analysis, a Supplemental EIR has also been prepared.

The Supplemental EIR was certified by the City Council on January 27, 2021. Both the Draft and Final SEIR documents are available for review at the links below.

Draft SEIR

Final SEIR

On February 9, 2022, the City Council adopted an Addendum to the SEIR, which accompanied edits to the Specific Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and other materials.

The City has also prepared a Updated Baseline Biological Resources Report. This Report is required as a mitigation measure to the 2019 EIR and LAFCo approvals on the SOI Amendment.

As required by the Mitigation Program from the SEIR, the City has worked with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to prepare an Air Quality Mitigation Plan (AQMP). The AQMP quantifies project-generated emissions of ozone precursors and then describes feasible measures that could reduce ozone precursors by 35 percent.

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