About Elk Grove's Utility Providers

IntroductionHow is Elk Grove run?

Water, sewer, garbage, electricity and natural gas are provided by different agencies or companies serving our community. The City doesn’t manage these services, so you’ll want to contact the utility directly if you have any questions. Each of these providers operates under their own governing boards and are funded independently from the City through customer rates.

Your water service provider is determined by where you live in the city: if you live west of Highway 99 or north of Sheldon Road, water is provided by the Sacramento County Water Agency; many properties east of Highway 99 receive service from the Elk Grove Water District.

Ever wonder what happens after you flush the toilet or use water in your home? The Sacramento Area Sewer District is the region’s wastewater collection utility and is responsible for maintaining thousands of miles of underground pipes. They operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so if you’ve got a slow drain or backup at your home, always call them first. The region’s wastewater is treated by the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, and their treatment plant is located just northwest of Elk Grove. They treat an average of 120 million gallons of wastewater every single day! Rates for wastewater collection and treatment appear on your Sacramento County consolidated utility bill.

Our residential garbage and recycling are provided by Republic Services, the single contact for all garbage service related and billing inquiries. The City contracts these services to residents through a franchise agreement.

Electricity is provided by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, also known as SMUD, and natural gas service is supplied by Pacific Gas and Electric, or PG&E for short.

Telecommunication services are provided by a number of different companies, depending on where you live in Elk Grove. These may include FrontierAT&TComcast, and Consolidated Communications.

Coordination with a variety of utilities providers and other agencies ensures that our community has the services Elk Grove needs.

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