Public Works

Public Works

About the Department of Public Works

The Elk Grove Public Works Department is responsible for the overall direction and coordination of many activities and functions within the city. These responsibilities include designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the city's road network and drainage systems as well as the management of the city’s solid waste (trash).

The Department's key objective is to meet the needs of the city residents and ensure that infrastructure and facilities comply with the standards and expectations set forth by the City Council.

The Department's goal is to offer city residents the highest level of service possible.



Public Works

Public Works

Report a problem, (916) 478-2256

Public Works Director/City Engineer

Jeff Werner, PE
Email or (916) 478-8148

Deputy Public Works Director - Engineering

Kristin Parsons, PE

Email or (916) 478-2236

Engineering Services Division Manager

Shoaib Ahrary, PE

Email or (916) 627-3445

Capital Program Division Manager

Christina Castro, PE
 Email or (916) 627-3339

Traffic Engineering Division Manager

James Ashby
 Email or (916) 627-3449

Deputy Public Works Director - Operations

Sean Gallagher
Email or (916) 687-3041

Recycling and Waste Manager

Kimberly Taylor 
Email or (916) 627-3440

Fleet and Facilities Manager

Doug Scott
Email or (916)627-3443

Traffic Recorded Phone Line

(For citizens to leave message regarding traffic issues) 
(916) 627-3714