Elk Grove 101

What Makes Our City Run? Find Out at Elk Grove 101!

About Elk Grove 101

If you’ve considered becoming more involved in city government, this free class is for you!

Elk Grove 101 is an immersive seven-session course designed to engage, empower, and enlighten community members about their local government. The City of Elk Grove is offering this course for anyone 18 and older who lives or works in Elk Grove. Classes will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings from August 20 - October 1, 2024, 6pm to 8pm at District56.  


Elk Grove 101 Alumni Testimonials

"As Elk Grove has matured as a city, it has built a city government staffed by professionals who take pride in managing and improving our city at the direction of our elected leaders. At Elk Grove 101, you can learn how the city thrives from the people who are making it happen day to day. This program incorporates not only informative sessions on how our city functions, but also meaningful engagement with city staff and fellow residents. If you care about the present and future of Elk Grove, do not hesitate to enroll in this enlightening program." - Jeanne

"I highly recommend it so that people can feel more connected and able to get more involved in the city. The course, along with getting to know people from each department, made the separation between the city staff and residents a lot smaller. I’m much more inclined to attend city events, join organizations, and to be more active in voting/attending city meetings. I feel like I can and should be involved, whereas before it felt like there was an invisible barrier from entry." - Savannah

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What to Expect

Explore the Foundations

Delve into the core principles that shape Elk Grove's governance structure and services. 

Navigate the Processes

Gain insights into the departments, processes, and projects that drive our community forward. 

Connect with Leaders

Engage with local leaders and discover the vision for Elk Grove's future. 

Interactive Learning

Experience dynamic sessions where you'll actively participate and absorb valuable knowledge. 

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Dinner and Materials Provided

We believe in making learning enjoyable, so dinner is on us! Enjoy a complimentary meal with fellow participants and share your thoughts on the topics covered. All course materials are provided to ensure you have everything you need for an enriching experience. 

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Limited Spaces Available

To maximize the learning experience, participation is capped at 40 individuals. The submission of an application does not guarantee participation in the program. Upon close of the application period, staff will strive to assemble a cohort that is geographically and demographically representative of Elk Grove's diverse community. 

Applications accepted June 10th to June 24th, 2024

Apply for the fall 2024 cohort

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Class Schedule

All sessions are scheduled from 6pm to 8pm at District56 unless otherwise noted.

  • Session 1: Orientation, City Budget
  • Session 2: City Tour and Economic Development
  • Session 3: Public Works, Recycling & Waste
  • Session 4: Addressing Housing Needs 
  • Session 5: Police Department and Animal Services
  • Session 6: Land Use and Planning, Innovation and Transportation
  • Session 7: Code Enforcement and Closing Celebration 



Contact Christal Love-Lazard in the Community Engagement Office by email or call (916) 478-2220.