City Manager

Jason Behrmann, City Manager

Jason Behrmann

Jason has worked for the City of Elk Grove since 2015. Prior to his appointment as City Manager in January 2019, he served as Interim City Manager and Assistant City Manager. During his tenure, he has led efforts to develop several major City projects including the city's first animal shelter and the city's District 56 campus, which includes the state of the art Elk Grove Aquatics Center, Community Center, outdoor activity and event space, and the Preserve nature area, which is currently under construction. Prior to Elk Grove, Jason worked for the City of Galt for over 10 years, including nearly six as City Manager. Jason has worked in local government for over 20 years, having also worked for the cities of Bloomington, IN., San Luis Obispo, CA. and Dublin, CA. Jason has a Master's degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University.

City Programs and Services

City Programs and Services managed by the City Manager's Office include:

  • Public Information
  • Economic Development
  • Human Resources
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Ask Elk Grove

In addition to these programs and services, the City Manager's Office also provides administrative support to the Mayor and City Council and responds to citizen and business requests for resolution of City service related issues.

The City of Elk Grove supports the League of California Cities and International City/County Management Association (ICMA) legislative proposals and best practices guidelines that promote greater transparency on compensation of officials in state and local government.

Contact Information

City Manager's Office Staff

Executive Administrative Assistant

Vanessa McGill
Email or (916) 478-2200

Deputy City Manager

Kara Reddig
Email or (916) 478-2249

Administrative Analyst

Carrie Monti
Email or (916) 627-4200

Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Cohen
Email or (916) 478-2201
Economic Development

Economic Development Director

Darrell Doan
Email or (916) 627-3210

Economic Development Manager

Rachael Brown
Email or (916) 478-3690

Economic Development Specialist

Luis Aguilar
Email or (916) 627-3212
District56 Community Center

Community Event Center Manager

Lana Yoshimura
Email or (916) 627-3214

Community Center Coordinator

Cambria Pollinger
Email or (916) 478-3666
Human Resources

Human Resources Director

Melissa Rojas
(916) 627-3224
Public Affairs

Public Affairs Manager

Kristyn Laurence
Email or (916) 478-2206

Graphics and Multimedia Program Manager

Lupe Murrietta
Email or (916) 478-2299

Community Events and Projects Coordinator

Jodie Moreno
Email or (916) 478-3632
Risk Management

Risk Analyst/ADA Coordinator

Jim Ramsey
Email or (916) 478-2250
Strategic Planning and Innovation

Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation

Christopher Jordan
Email or (916) 478-2222

Strategic Planning & Innovation Program Manager

Carrie Whitlock
Email or (916) 478-2238

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