Animal Services Fees

Category Fees
Cat and Dog License
Altered Annual Fee per animal $15.00
Unaltered Annual Fee per animal $50.00
Dangerous/Vicious Animal 36 Month Permit per animal $450.00
Senior Citizen (65 or older) Altered Annual Fee 2 pet limit No charge
Senior Citizen (65 or older) Unaltered Annual Fee per animal $25.00
Government (dogs owned and used by City, County, or State) No charge
Service dog No charge
Microchip exempt fee $50.00
Penalty Late Fee $15.00
Duplicated/Lost License $5.00
1st, 2nd, 3rd per domestic animal
There is no charge on a first time impound if a dog or cat is wearing a current City of Elk Grove license or microchip.
* All unaltered animals will be subject to additional fees per California Food and Agricultural Code Sections 30804.7, 31751.7
1st, 2nd, 3rd per livestock animal
$40(1st), $80(2nd), $160(3rd)
*$35 (first occurrence)
*$50 (second occurrence)
*$100 (third or subsequent)
$50(1st), $100(2nd), $200(3rd)
Owner Surrender
Each domestic animal (four months of age and older) $50.00
Litter of domestic animals under the age of four months $65.00
Euthanasia request each animal (domestic only) $60.00
Board and Care
Daily charge per day per domestic animal $10.00
Quarantine per day per domestic animal $15.00
Protective Custody per day per domestic animal $10.00
Livestock and other animal per day per animal $25.00
Exotic/Other Animal Cost recovery
Animal Bite Quarantine
Quarantine off Owner's Property (11 days) $165.00
Euthanasia and disposal per domestic animal $100.00
Field Inspection (domestic animal only) $50.00
Home Quarantine Release (domestic animal only) $50.00
Animal Removal Request by Property/Landlord/Management
Officer Call Out $20.00
Board and Care for Domestic Animal (14 days) per animal $140.00
Board and Care for Exotic/Other Animal (14 days) per animal Cost recovery
Euthanasia and Disposal for Livestock Animal per animal Cost recovery
Veterinarian Care
Fees will be determined by a medical evaluation and treatment provided to each animal  
Livestock Transportation $100.00/hour with 2 hour minimum
Owner Request Dead Animal Disposal $50.00
Sterilization Fee Deposit $250.00
Cat Trap Rental Deposit $60.00
Dangerous Animal Re-Inspection $50.00
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