Animal Shelter Donations


Your support helps us maintain a high standard of care for our shelter pets. Not only can we provide high quality food, enrichment, and advanced veterinary care for sick/injured animals, we can also fund lifesaving programs for adoption and community outreach.

Donate Online Now

How to donate monetarily?

  • Make a General Donation Online

    You can use the link above to make a monetary donation of any size as often as you'd like.

  • Wills and Bequests

    Provide a gift and leave a legacy by including the Elk Grove Animal Shelter in your estate plan. What you put in your will is what people will remember you by. Your will gives you the opportunity to transfer the values that are important to you.

    To leave a Bequest to the Elk Grove Animal Shelter in your will, you will need the following information:

    • Legal Name: Elk Grove Animal Services, City of Elk Grove 9150 Union Park Way, Elk Grove CA 95624
    • Tax ID number: 94-3366854
    • Bequest Language: "I give to the Elk Grove Animal Shelter, with its principal address at 9150 Union Park Way the sum of __________(dollars) or all or _______ percent (of my residual estate) upon my death to the Elk Grove Animal Shelter for general animal care and life-saving purposes."
    • Important! Did you know that you could include the Elk Grove Animal Shelter in your will without incurring the expense of redoing your estate-planning documents? Just include the Elk Grove Shelter as a beneficiary by writing a codicil to your will or doing an amendment to your trust.
  • Have a Fundraiser

Organize a do-it-yourself fundraiser benefitting the Elk Grove Animal Shelter! If you have questions about what our current needs are, please contact our Event and Volunteer Coordinator .

What donation items do we accept?

  • Shop our Amazon Wishlist

    Items on our Amazon Wishlist are always needed, but not as often donated. If you're already shopping online, why not toss an extra item in for a shelter pet? Our Amazon Wishlist

  • Shop our Kitten Wishlist

    During Spring, Summer and sometimes even into Fall we find ourselves drowning in little kittens! We generally see hundreds of kittens every year, many of them needing foster care for several weeks before they can go up for adoption. So we go through quite a bit of supplies, and you can help us restock. Our Kitten Wishlist

  • New/Gently Used Items

As your cleaning out your home and de-cluttering, you may run across some items that could still be useful. While we are not able to accept everything you may find, here's a helpful guide!

Items we are currently accepting:

Items we are unable to accept:

Items we are currently stocked up on:

  • Towels
  • Unopened bags of dry cat or dog food
  • Unopened cans/containers of wet cat or dog food
  • Dog/Cat Toys
  • Dog/Cat Treats
  • Martingale Collars
  • Plastic cat carriers (top loading especially)
  • Blankets
  • Open bags of food
  • Prescriptions (even if unopened)
  • Syringes, or other medical supplies
  • Cat Trees
  • Pet Steps
  • Prong/E-collars collars
  • Flex-leashes
  • Sheets (flat or fitted)
  • Pillow cases/Pillows
  • Non-collapsible crates
  • Dog beds
  • Cat beds
  • Harnesses
  • Pet costumes
  • Wire crates
  • Standard leashes
  • Stainless steel food/water bowls