Leo Fassler

May 24, 2017 Key to the City, Recipient Leo Fassler

Leo has lived in the rural community of Elk Grove for the last 53 plus years. He has been committed to bettering the City of Elk Grove and preserving its rural heritage.

Since the City's incorporation in 2000, Leo has been a constant and regular fixture at virtually every Planning Commission and City Council meeting, where he not only attended, but he regularly provided meaningful public comment on issues. His passion to preserve "Rural Elk Grove" kept him abreast of virtually all City issues, which he then disseminated down to the Great Sheldon Road Estates Homeowners Association (GSREHA) as well as the Sheldon Community Association for their members information and knowledge. Leo was instrumental in helping to establish the Folks for Oaks program, which is comprised of volunteers dedicated to reforesting rural Elk Grove, and increasing tree canopy.

Additionally, he also helped create and preserve the Rural Roads Policies and Standards that exist today to ensure Elk Grove maintains its unique rural roots.

Leo most recently donated farm equipment, which is exhibited on the new roundabout at Waterman Road and Sheldon Road, which helps promote a rural lifestyle.

Leo Fassler
L to R Councilmembers: Pat Hume, Stephanie Nguyen, Mayor Steve Ly, Leo Fassler, Steven Detrick, and Darren Suen.