Public Works Permits

Public Works Permits

The Public Works Engineering Services Division (ESD) provides permitting, coordination, inspection and oversight of activities that impact the public right of way. These activities generally include road and/or lane closures; installation or repairs of municipal and private utility facilities in the public right of way, such as sewer, water, power, and telecommunications lines; as well as the permitting of oversize transport vehicles that travel through the city. ESD also issues Street Use Permits for major events, such as marathons, that will impact city streets, as well as permitting for road closures for annual block parties. Small Cell Permits applications for installation of wireless cell facilities on City street light poles are reviewed and issued for locations that are approved and included in Master License Agreements with the cellular providers.

Permit Type Description

Encroachment Permits

(Minor, Major, and Annual)
An Encroachment Permits is required for any work within the within the public right-of-way, including, but not limited to private and municipal utility installation and repair, tree and vegetation removal, exploratory potholing, sidewalk repair, construction of driveways and culverts, and traffic control for all road/lane closures.

Small Cell Individual Site Permits

Small Cell Individual Site Permits are required prior to issuance of an encroachment permit for installation of small cell antennas on approved City streetlight poles.

Street Use Permits

(Special Event, Block Party, and Filming)
Street Use Permits are required for street closures related to special events, block parties, filming, and other miscellaneous closure requests.

Transportation Permits

Transportation Permits are required for vehicles and/or vehicle loads larger than 8'6" in width, 14' in height, 40' in length (single unit) or 65' in length (combo unit). Transportation Permits are issued on a single trip or annual basis.

Trench Cut Fees

Prior to an encroachment permit issuance, improvement plan approved, or work performed that causes an excavation of a paved City street, the applicant shall pay a trench restoration fee. For more information, please refer to Elk Grove Municipal Code 12.09.030.View fees.

Rural Residential Frontage Improvement Fees

The purpose of the Rural Road Improvement Policy is to preserve and maintain the rural roadways in the City's rural residential area. Fees may be applied when a building permit application indicates new inhabitable structure is applied for in designated rural areas.

The project area subject to the Rural Road Improvement Standards is the Rural Area Community Plan. Learn more or view the map

Permit Fees

View permit fees

Road Construction Moratorium

The City of Elk Grove implements an annual Holiday Season Road Closure/Construction Moratorium on specific streets each year for the duration of Thanksgiving week through New Years Day. Unless specifically approved by the City's Traffic Engineer, all construction activities and house structure moves, occurring between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00pm, that interfere with public traffic on specific City streets will be restricted. Construction activities and house structure moves pertaining to these specific streets shall be completed prior to the moratorium or be postponed.

Emergency repairs will be allowed, as set forth in Section 7-8.06 of the Standard Construction Specifications.

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