Sister City Application

Sister City Application

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The City of Elk Grove became a member of Sister Cities International (SCI) in 2009. SCI is a non-profit citizen diplomacy network seeking stronger economic and cultural ties at the municipal level between US and international communities. The City of Elk Grove is open to establishing sister city relationships that promote understanding and foster relationships among individuals, communities, and cities of the world through cultural, economic, educational and humanitarian activities in conjunction with local sponsoring affiliation organizations.

The City of Elk Grove has established a reasoned and systematic approach to establishing sister city partnerships between Elk Grove and cities in other parts of the world. The City has developed criteria and procedures for selecting and affiliating with a prospective sister city.

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City of Elk Grove Sister Cities


Elk Grove can develop a sister city relationship with another city for reasons including, but not limited to historical, governmental, educational or humanitarian purposes. The ideal sister city relationship is based upon two cities having similarities on which activities and exchanges can be built. The key criteria for selection include:

  • Citizens in both cities demonstrating an interest in affiliating
  • Governments in both cities demonstrating an interest in affiliating
  • A sponsor affiliation organization, or advocate group, interested in supporting the relationship between the two cities
  • The ability of the citizens of both cities to communicate with each other
  • The ability of citizens of both cities to travel to the other respective city
  • Capability for activities between the two cities to be developed in numerous areas such as cultural, educational, medical, governmental, economic, and humanitarian
  • Evidence that the relationship would be sustainable over time.

Sister City Application Process

Step 1: Application is Received
  • New applications are reviewed by city staff to ensure a complete package; staff will coordinate with the applicant until the package is complete;
  • Staff will then route the proposal to other departments to prepare an internal analysis report to accompany the proposal during the Committee/Council review
  • Staff will coordinate with members of the Sister Cities subcommittee to schedule a review meeting
Step 2: Application Reviewed by Sister City Multicultural Subcommittee
  • If approved, the proposal moves to review by the full membership of the Multicultural Committee
  • If denied by the subcommittee, staff will provide notification explaining the criteria for denial to the applicant 
  • Denial may be appealed to the full membership of the Multicultural Committee at their regular monthly meeting
Step 3: Final Review by Full Multicultural Committee
  • If approved, the application advances to the City Council for a presentation at one of their monthly meetings 
  • If denied, the application process and review ceases
Step 4: Recommendation presented to City Council
  • MC Committee Members, City Staff, and representatives of the applicant would present their recommendation to City Council for deliberation/action
  • If the application is approved, the applicant and the City will begin the work necessary to develop the Sister City agreement 
  • If denied by the City Council, the application and review process ceases

Process for Establishing a New Sister City Relationship

Parties interested in starting a sister city relationship must provide a written proposal that addresses the questions below. Submission of a proposal does not guarantee that Elk Grove will enter into a sister city relationship. The following definitions are used for the purpose of this program:

Sponsoring Affiliation Organization:

An Elk Grove organization that will manage the sister city relationship. The organization must be based in Elk Grove, and either designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 non-profit and registered with the California Secretary of State or have a fiscal agent that meets the same requirement.


The initiator makes a presentation to the City's Multicultural Committee showing there is sufficient volunteers willing to take responsibility for establishing a relationship (i.e. a list of individuals, local organizations, and institutions that support the partnership) and affirms, before the Committee and the City Council, a willingness to fundraise for the maintenance of the partnership, and provides evidence that the proposed City is also willing to maintain a relationship.

Sister City:

A city that has a formal relationship with Elk Grove recognized by a Sister City Agreement.

Sister City Agreement:

A memorandum of understanding between Elk Grove and another city outlining the terms of the sister city relationship.

Sponsor Affiliation Agreement:

A memorandum of understanding between the City and a sponsoring affiliation organization outlining the requirements for managing the sister city relationship.


Tell us about the Proposed Sister City
Tell us about the Sponsoring Organization
The sponsoring affiliation organization must demonstrate sufficient Elk Grove resident volunteer involvement willing to take on full responsibility for establishing a firm long-term relationship. Volunteer support should reflect a commitment from a minimum of three Elk Grove residents, preferably from more than one household.
List residents and/or businesses that are committed to participating in this Sister City relationship

Resident/Business #1

Resident/Business #2

Resident/Business #3

About the Proposed Sister City