Residential Recycling and Waste Services

Residential Recycling and Waste Services

Garbage and Recycling are provided by Republic Services (916) 635-2500

All residents in single-family homes and multiplexes of 4 or fewer units receive these services:

  1. Weekly garbage collection (choice of 32, 64 or 96-gallon cart.)  
  2. Organics collection serviced every week.
  3. Mixed recycling collection every other week.
    1. If you don’t know what recycling week your on please call Republic Services at 916-635-2500 to find out if your recycling collection is Schedule A or Schedule B.
    2. Download our Calendar schedule or type in your address in our ReCollect tool to sign up for weekly service reminders.
  4. Up to three Recycle and Organics carts at no additional charge.
  5. Free drop-offs of household hazardous waste at the Special Waste Collection Center.
  6. Curbside pickup of:
    1. Used oil and oil filter
    2. e-waste (by appointment call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500).
    3. Sharps, needles, lancets (by appointment call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500).
    4. Household batteries. 
    5. Holiday trees (Dec 26 through the month of January)
  7. Three free bulky waste pick ups per calendar year.
  8. One dump at the Elder Creek Transfer Station per calendar year at no additional charge.
  9. Free compost at the Elder Creek Transfer Station (5 cubic yards per trip, twice per year).
  10. Composting workshops.
  11. On-property assistance with solid waste carts for seniors and individuals with disabilities (call Republic Services to determine eligibility. (916) 635-2500).
  12. Extra garbage pickup for a fee.
  13. Temporarily halt service if property will be vacant for 30 days or more (call Republic Services to schedule at (916) 635-2500).

Cart Placement

Placement of Carts

  • Containers must be set out no later than 6:00am on your scheduled collection day, all holidays except Christmas and New Years Day.
  • Please place containers on curbside, with lid opening facing the street, as shown above. Do not place them on the sidewalk.
  • Leave (3) feet between containers for easy access to drivers.
  • Keep containers a minimum of six (6) feet away from cars, boats, and other stationary objects to avoid risk of property damage.
  • Containers must be removed from the curb within 24 hours after they are serviced on collection day.

Residential Recycling

Not sure how to dispose of an item? Use the Look Up tool

Most common recyclables can be placed in your recycle cart. The table below details some items that can and can't be placed in the recycling cart.

All items placed in the recycling cart should be clean: please scrape or rinse off any food or other contamination. 

Please place only these items in your Recycling Cart
Acceptable Materials Unaccepted Materials
Plastic containers (#1-7) Plastic/wax-coated milk, soup, or juice cartons
Tin and steel cans Household garbage
Aluminum cans and foil Remodeling and demo debris
All Glass bottles and jars (clean) Styrofoam
Small scrap metal Concrete, dirt or rocks
All Mixed paper (magazines, junk mail, office paper, computer paper, catalogs, paperboard, telephone books, paper grocery bags, paper egg cartons, envelopes, legal pad backing) Food contaminated paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, or glass (examples: soiled pizza boxes or peanut butter jars that have not been scraped clean)
Aluminum foil and trays Animal waste
Chipboard boxes (such as cereal, tissue boxes and shoeboxes) Household glass (dishes or window glass)
Shredded paper (placed in a paper bag and stapled at the top) Any type of yard clippings, wood or green waste
Rigid Plastic (kids toys – all metal and batteries must be removed) Plastic bags, plastic cling film, plastic bread bags
Cardboard Metal hangers  

Batteries and Oil

Batteries and Used Oil will be picked up during Recycle week, no appointment is necessary. Republic will accept 9V, AA, AAA, D, DD and small "button" batteries.  Simply place them in a clear resealable bag and put the bag on top of your recycle cart. Republic will also accept used oi land used oil filters during recycle week. Simply place your sealed container of used oil and your drained oil filter (in a resealable bag) on the ground next to your recycle cart.

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Disability and Senior Assistance

If you need a little extra help, our onsite service helps individuals with disabilities and seniors*. If you are an individual with a disability or are over the age of 75 and have no one residing in your home to place your carts curbside, Republic Services will take all your carts from their storage area, empty them and return them to their original location at no additional charge. Please call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500 to request this service.

*Individuals with disabilities as attested by a medical doctor; proof of age as evidenced by a driver’s license, birth certificate or other government document.

Annual Dump

Residential households in Elk Grove are entitled to one dump per calendar year at no additional charge. Residents may discard up to 5 cubic yards, which is the equivalent to the amount of material that would fill the bed of an average pick-up truck (6 feet by 4 feet).  Loads should be taken to the Elder Creek Transfer and Recovery Station located at 8642 Elder Creek Road.  Identification, such as a driver’s license or utility bill, will be required to verify residency in Elk Grove.

Republic Service’s Elder Creek Transfer and Recovery Station at 8642 Elder Creek Road is open 6:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and 6:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays.

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