Organics Recycling at Your Business

Organics Recycling at Your Business

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Some California businesses and multifamily properties are required to recycle organic waste, which includes food waste, food-soiled paper waste, and landscaping waste (grass clippings, tree trimmings, etc.).

The purpose of California's mandatory commercial recycling law (Assembly Bill 1826) is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting commercial organic waste from landfills and transforming it into reusable products through composting, anaerobic digestion, or incineration.

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Food Recovery Locations

Food Recoverey Location Address Phone
Elk Grove Food Bank P.O. Box 1447, Elk Grove, CA 95759 (916)-685-8453
California Emergency Foodlink 5800 Foodlink Street, Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)-387-9000
River City Community Services 1800 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)-446-2627
Central Downtown Food Basket 1701 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)-761-5624
Capital Christian Center 9470 Micron Ave, Sacramento, CA 95827 (916)-856-5683
Atonement Lutheran Church 9242 Kiefer Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826 (916)-363-8642
Grove Avenue Church 2771 Grove Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95815 (916)-927-3663
Daughters of Zion - South 6489 47th Street, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)-422-3875
Cathedral of Praise 2150 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA US 95816 (916)-441-3305
New Hope Community Church of Sacramento 1821 Meadowview Rd, Sacramento, CA 95832 (916)-422-3370
California Indian Manpower Consortium 738 North Market Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95834 (916)-920-0285
Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture Project 2140 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (916)-363-9685
Food Bank of El Dorado County 4550 Business Dr, Cameron Park, CA 95682 (530)-621-9950
Senior Citizens Services 8580 Elder Creek Rd, Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)-381-7794
Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services 3333 Third Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95817 (916)-456-1980
Union Gospel Mission 400 Bannon Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)-447-3268
Friendship Park (Loaves and Fishes) 1351 North C. St, Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)-446-0874
Mary House 1352 North C. St. Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)-446-0875
Food-Not-Bombs P.O. Box 163126, Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)-451-6503
First United Methodist Church 2100 J Street, Sacramento CA 95816 (916)-446-5025
Glory Bound Street Ministry 4527 Parker Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820 (916) 452-7078
St. Lawrence Catholic Church 4325 Don Julio Boulevard, North Highlands, CA 95660 (916)-332-4777
St. Ignatius Loyola Parish 3235 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA (95825) (916)-482-9666
Wind Youth Center 815 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)-561-4900
St. Philomenes 2320 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)-489-1506
Century Chapel CME Church 2801 29th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820 (916)-452-1913
Oak Park United Methodist Church 3600 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817 (916)-456-0487
Shiloh Baptist Church 3565 9th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95817 (916)-452-5052
St. Matthew Christian Church 4809 Roosevelt Ave, Sacramento, California 95820 (916)-451-8986
Health Professions High School 451 McClatchy Way, Sacramento, CA (916)-395-5010
Williams Memorial Church of God in Christ 4495 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Sacramento, CA (916)-455-9201

Frequently Asked Questions

Who must comply?

All businesses, non-residential properties, multi-family properties (with five or more units), and single-family residential properties managed by an association or any other organization is required to recycle organic waste.

What is organic waste?

Recyclable Organics may include:

  • Food material resulting from the processing, storage, preparation, cooking, handling, or consumption of food. Examples include:
    • discarded meat scraps; dairy products; egg shells; fruit and vegetable peels and trimmings;
    • other unused, expired, or otherwise unwanted food items;
    • and food-soiled paper products such as used napkins, paper towels, paper plates, and paper cups.
  • Landscaping Waste
    • leaves, grass clippings, plants, and seaweed;
    • pruning's, shrubs, and small branches; and
    • stumps.
  • Wood Waste
    • Unpainted, new or demolition (may contain nails or other trace contaminants);
    • plywood, particleboard, wafer board, oriented strand board, and other residual materials used for construction (may contain nails or other trace contaminants); and
    • unpainted wood pallets, crates, and packaging made of lumber/engineered wood

Recyclable Organicsdoes notinclude:

  • Edible food intended for human consumption that may not be readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus, or similar.

  • Edible food should be recovered for donation whenever possible. Please see the list of local organizations that may accept edible food.

How do I comply?
  1. Donate edible food to local food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries, youth organizations, and shelters. (View a list of non-profit organizations in the Sacramento/Elk Grove area that may be interested in receiving donations. Please call the organization directly to confirm their ability and willingness to accept donated food items.)

  2. Separate organic waste that can't be donated from other waste and recyclables and place it in a separate bin. (Contact the City for free indoor organic waste bins, while supplies last).

  3. Post signs near or on organic waste bins describing what should be placed in the bin. Educate employees and/or tenants at least once per year about the requirement to recycle organic waste and how to do it properly.

  4. Transfer collected materials to an exterior bin for pick-up by your waste hauler (organic waste must be picked up a minimum of two times per week).

  5. Contact a hauler and subscribe to an organic waste recycling service. This is similar to existing recycling services for items such as paper, plastic, and aluminum where the recyclable materials are placed into a separate bin for collection.

  6. Instead of or in addition to a recycling service, you may also recycle organic waste onsite. This can be achieved through onsite composting, transformation into animal feed, or an onsite anaerobic digester or incinerator that transforms it into fuel or electricity.

  7. Self-haul organic waste to an authorized recycling facility. For this option, you must complete and retain onsite a Self-Haul Recycling Form.

  8. Subscribe to an organic waste recycling service that includes mixed waste processing that specifically recycles organic waste.
Who can I hire to haul my organic waste?

Only Registered Commercial Haulers can collect and haul recyclables in the city of Elk Grove. View the list of commercial service providers.

Will this cost my business more money?

Possibly. Your existing hauler may or may not charge more to begin picking up your organic waste. You may need to contract with an additional hauler if your existing hauler does not provide this service. You may be able to save money by increasing your recycling and/or reducing your waste to reduce the size needed for your trash dumpster or decrease the frequency of collection. Contact your waste hauler to learn more about pricing for changing dumpster size or decreasing frequency of collection. For help reducing your waste, see our flyer, Waste Reduction Tips.

Where are some food donation programs in the area?
What is edible food recovery?

All businesses that generate excess edible food are encouraged to donate to food recovery organizations and select businesses are required by state law. This effort combats food insecurity and reduces the amount of food waste in landfills. Learn more about what is required of your business at the Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling - CalRecycle Home Page