Street Improvements Coming to Union Park Way

Traffic Advisory: Street Improvements Coming to Union Park Way

Posted: 05/06/2016

Union Park Way in the City’s southeast industrial area will be getting a unique construction treatment this month that will result in a smoother, long-lasting road. The road will be reconstructed using roller compacted concrete (RCC). Use of RCC on Union Park Way is a test treatment to determine whether the material will work well on other city streets in the future.

RCC offers superior strength and durability compared to asphalt pavements at comparable and frequently lower initial costs. Its long-term maintenance costs are far lower, giving it an average of 30% total savings over the life of a road. The end product will be a concrete roadway capable of withstanding heavy vehicle traffic from buses and other industrial vehicles.

Construction is scheduled May 12 through June 3. The project will require one-way directional traffic on Union Park Way between Iron Rock Way and East Stockton Boulevard for several weeks. Work will occur Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. During construction, some business driveways on Union Park Way may be closed for several hours.

Contact Vanguard Construction Superintendent, Mike Wright at 925-580-8193 if you have any questions regarding the planned construction operations.

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