Elk Grove Florin Complete Street and Resurfacing Project

Elk Grove Florin Resurfacing Project

Project Purpose and Overview

This project is the third phase of the multi-modal and state of good repair funding on the Elk Grove Florin Road corridor, from Elk Grove Boulevard to Calvine Road.  The project will add and improve mobility and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users by addressing existing gaps in the planned bicycle and pedestrian network.

Improvements for this project include bicycle and pedestrian facilities, perform roadway maintenance, storm drainage, street lighting, yellow flashing pedestrian crossing lights and other related improvements. The purpose is to enhance safety for pedestrian and bicyclists as well as to keep the street infrastructure in a state of good repair.

Current Status

The City is preparing to issue Notice to Proceed and begin preliminary engineering and environmental studies. This phase of work is expected to begin early fall.

Funding Summary

The project work is funded by a SACOG Regional Cycle 3 Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant and SB1 Streets and Roads Funds.

Project Funding Sources: 

ATP Grant Funds - $2,900,000

SB1 Streets and Road Fund - $819,782

Project Total = $3,719,782

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October 2023

December 2023

Spring 2024

Summer 2024

Summer/Fall 2024

Winter 2024/Spring 2025

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Begin Environmental (PA&ED) Phase

Begin Design

Complete Final Design

Bid and Award

Begin Construction

Finish Construction