How to do business with Elk Grove

How to do business with Elk Grove

The City of Elk Grove welcomes your interest in doing business with the City. We appreciate you taking the time to read this brochure that has been prepared to provide you with general information about the City's procurement functions and policies. We hope these general guidelines will simplify your efforts to do business with the City of Elk Grove.

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Our Mission

The Purchasing Division oversees all aspects of the City's centralized procurement process. The Purchasing Division staff assists other City Departments in their procurement efforts, securing material and services that meet necessary standards and comply with applicable City policy and State law, assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified suppliers.

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Our Responsibilities

As part of the Finance Department, Purchasing is responsible for working with City Departments to obtain supplies and services necessary for the efficient operation of City government. To obtain maximum value and provide reliable services, most City purchases are made through informal or formal solicitations.

Vendor List

Purchasing maintains an open list of suppliers desiring to do business with the City. This list is available to all Departments on the City's intranet Site. Suppliers are responsible for notifying Purchasing of any changes to their information. In order to be added to the vendor database or update existing registration, complete theonline Vendor Registration form.

Procurement Procedures

The City's solicitation procedures for the procurement of goods and services can be summarized as follows:

  • Goods and Services $5,000 or less by Direct Award (A supplier may be selected directly without the necessity for multiple quotes)
  • Goods and Services (General & Professional) between $5,000.01 and $50,000 by Informal Solicitation (At least three quotations are sought and documented verbally, by fax, or in writing, including email).
  • Goods and Services (General & Professional) $50,000.01 or more by Formal Solicitation.
  • Public Works Projects: Formal Bid Procedures.

Formal Solicitation / Bid Notification

The City advertises its Public Works and other Formal Solicitations on the City Web Site as well as the local newspaper and trade publications as required by law and City policy. The City maintains an e-mail-based Notification Service. Vendors can enroll in this electronic service and receive notification whenever a new Public Works or Formal Solicitation opportunity is made available by the various City Departments.


All purchases are made F.O.B. destination, unless otherwise specified. The City's title to goods occurs upon satisfactory delivery and acceptance at the delivery point shown on the purchase order. Shipping charges, if applicable, must be included in response to solicitations. All shipments to the City of Elk Grove must be made to the locations designated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to be made to different departments and divisions located in various parts of the city. The purchase order number must appear on the receiver or delivery ticket.


The vendor will receive payment from the City after delivery and acceptance of the goods or services and after submission of an original invoice for those goods or services. In order to receive payment for goods or services furnished to the City of Elk Grove, the vendor is required to submit an original invoice to: City of Elk Grove, Attn: Accounts Payable, 8401 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, California 95758. Invoices should not be sent to the using department or to the Purchasing Department Submitting the invoice anywhere other than to the Accounting Division may delay payment. Invoices must show: (1) City purchase order number; (2) Complete descriptions of the goods or services furnished; (3) Quantity; (4) Unit prices and extensions; (5) All applicable taxes; (6) The discount terms; (7) Name of department/division to which shipment was made. In addition, the invoice should include the vendor's invoice number.

The City's payment terms are Net 30 and the City does not pay late fees, late penalties or restocking charges. The City will utilize the 30 days in which to pay an invoice unless a prompt payment discount is offered. For the convenience of the vendor, an Electronics Funds Transfer is available. Please contact Accounts Payable for the necessary forms.

Hazard Communications Act

The City of Elk Grove requires proper labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all products covered by the Hazard Communications Act & 29 CFR 1910.1200. It is the vendor's responsibility to determine which products are covered by the act and to provide the necessary MSDS with material shipments.

Recycled Material

The City of Elk Grove supports the purchase of recycled materials, both in products that are reduced to raw material and remade into material that can be used for other purposes, as well as items that can be rebuilt or remanufactured and placed back into service for continuous use. In an effort to support recycling, at the option of the department making the purchase, the bid specifications may include a five (5%) percent price preference to be given to recycled products. If included, the price preference shall be determined based upon the lowest price quoted by suppliers offering recycled products and the maximum amount of the price preference shall not exceed Ten Thousand and no/100ths ($10,000.00) Dollars per purchase. Persons submitting proposals or bidding to provide products or services to the City shall be notified of the City's preference for the use of recycled products, including the price preference. Bidders shall be asked to identify in writing to the City the types of recycled materials that will be used and to certify in writing the percentage and contents of recycled material and post-consumer recycled material in the product.

Local Vendor Preference

A bid or proposal from a local vendor for commodities, equipment, and general services will be tabulated as if it were five (5%) percent below the figure actually set forth in the bid or proposal, up to a maximum preference of Fifty Thousand and no/100th"($50,000.00) Dollars per bid or proposal, to account for the financial advantages accruing to the City by the award of a bid to a local vendor. The City, when seeking bids or proposals for commodities, equipment, and general services will notify bidders or proposers that bids or proposals will be evaluated on the basis of a local preference of five (5%) percent of the bid or proposal price.

"Local vendor" means a person or legal entity which has a place of business (other than a post office box) within the city and has a valid, current business license issued by the City. To qualify as a local vendor for the purposes of Section 3.42.230 of this Code, the vendor shall submit with its bid or proposal a completed City-provided affidavit that documents the following: 1) the business has a facility with a City of Elk Grove address, 2) the business has, during at least one (1) year immediately preceding the submission of the bid or proposal, attributed sales tax to the City of Elk Grove, and 3) the business has had a City of Elk Grove business license for at least one (1) year prior to the submission of the bid or proposal.

Office Visits

Sales representatives are a valuable source of information in obtaining bids, specifications, state of the art advancements or product improvements, and in resolving problems in delivery, billing and payment difficulties, etc. We value your visits. However, we recommend you call for appointments in order to productively utilize our time and yours.


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