Full Depth Reclamation

What it is

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a process in which the existing worn-out pavement is excavated and recycled to reconstruct the new pavement structure. It is used when pavements are severely distressed and need to be removed and replaced. The deteriorated asphalt is pulverized, mixed with cement and water, and then compacted to form a stronger road base. The new road base is then overlaid with a new layer of asphalt concrete, completing the reconstruction of the road. FDR has cost savings of 30-40% and a lower construction time in comparison to other road replacement or reconstruction alternatives.


Full Depth Reclamation

  1. A reclaiming machine is used to pulverize the existing asphalt pavement and base material.
  2. The asphalt is mixed with cement, water, and other additives resulting in a stronger road base.
  3. The new base is shaped and compacted to the surface.
  4. Once the base is completed, new layers of asphalt concrete are applied to complete the road.

Impact to Residents

During the pulverizing process, full road closures will be in effect. After the recycled base material has been applied, roads may be opened to slow-moving traffic, depending on the traffic demands. During the asphalt overlay process, roads will be closed again until the surface has cured. Special detours may be open to accommodate traffic. Residents will be notified via door hanger notices at least 72 hours prior to construction. "No Parking" signs with specified times will be placed on affected streets 48 hours prior to construction. Vehicles may not be parked on affected roads during the specified times; however, they may be parked outside of the construction zone if you plan to use them that day. Residents with special needs may contact the City beforehand in order to plan accordingly. All work is coordinated with transit and waste providers to minimize impacts to service.