Street Maintenance

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Pavement Maintenance

The purpose of the Street Maintenance Section is to provide asphalt and concrete (street, sidewalks, curbs and gutters) maintenance, litter removal, and weed/trash abatement services in order to maintain safe, clean, and functional rights-of-way.

Currently, the City’s street maintenance is delivered through two principal methods: Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), which are developed, coordinated, and administered by the Capital Improvements Division, and by Public Works Maintenance and Operations Division.

Generally, preventive maintenance work is of a larger scale and is accomplished through Capital Improvement Projects.  Examples of preventive street maintenance activities include surface treatments such as slurry seals and cape seals which may extend the service life of the street from 5-7 years.  On the other hand, street repairs that are undertaken reactively as a matter of urgency or for safety reasons as part of the City's daily operations are performed by the Maintenance and Operations Division.  Examples of these activities, which are performed by Street Maintenance crews, include pothole repair, minor street reconstruction, trench cut repairs, and skin patching.

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Bridge Maintenance

The Maintenance and Operations Division is responsible for maintaining 52 bridges within the City of Elk Grove. Maintenance is performed on the structures routinely in an effort to keep them in as constructed condition. 

Maintenance activities include:

  • Scheduled inspections of all structures and culverts
  • Repair and replacement of bridge railings, guard rails, decks, approaches and substructures
  • Removal of accumulated debris beneath the structure
  • Erosion repair and maintenance beneath the structures.

Roadside Maintenance

As part of its street maintenance program, the Maintenance and operations Division proactively address roadside litter, roadside weed abatement, and shoulder grading.  Crews have regularly scheduled locations throughout the City for both litter removal and weed abatement work and we also respond promptly to Citizen reports of problems.

Bike Lane Maintenance

Maintenance includes sweeping bike lanes to keep them free of debris, ensuring that bike lane markings are visible and that traffic signal equipment is operational.

Reporting Street Maintenance Problems

Contact the Maintenance and Operations Division to report a problem by calling: (916) 687-3005, or report an issue online and we'll come out to take care of it.