Homelessness in Elk Grove

Homelessness in Elk Grove

About Elk Grove's Homeless Population

The City has one of the lowest rates of homelessness in Sacramento County. While the 2022 Point-in-Time Count found 45 people experiencing homelessness within City borders, staff estimates there to be closer to 125 on any given night based on data from the City’s homeless navigation team, Elk Grove Police Department, and several nonprofit service providers.

The below Local Homelessness Dashboard offers insight into the volume and nature of homelessness in Elk Grove, as well as the City’s efforts to combat it.

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Local Homelessness Dashboard

January 1 – March 31, 2024

These numbers are cross-referenced from the City’s Homeless Outreach and Navigation Program, the Enhanced Winter Sanctuary, and recorded contacts by the Police Department.

132 Unique individuals experienced homelessness in Elk Grove in quarter 1

It is possible that this is an undercount as it does not include individuals experiencing homelessness who did not participate in the City’s navigation program nor interacted with the Elk Grove Police Department

Sleeping Location on March 31, 2024


70 Individuals were sheltered for at least one night by City-funded programs from Jan. 1 - Mar. 31

There are likely more, including some who stayed in transitional homes funded but not owned by the City

Shelter System Exits


Our shelter system includes the Enhanced Winter Sanctuary, the motel voucher program, and three transitional houses owned by the City.

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Household Characteristics


7,700 Pounds of trash removed from campsites

Affordable Housing Units


160 Navigation services provided to homeless clients

Gender Identification

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Current Strategies

The City is working hard to address the impact of homelessness. In the last several years, the following local resources were developed:

Homeless Services Navigators

The City has two full-time homeless services navigators. The navigators work to identify and build relationships with people experiencing homelessness, meeting them out in the community and where they are staying. Some of the services that the Navigators provide are:

  • Assessments for shelter or housing
  • Connections to mental health resources and other social services
  • Assistance with obtaining IDs, financial benefits, and mobile phones
  • Transportation to important health appointments, housing resources, mental health support at the CORE Wellness Center, etc.

If you would like the City’s homeless navigation team to reach out to a person you believe is homeless, call (916) 588-0304. Please provide a description of the person and where they are staying or where you have seen them.

Transitional Housing for Families and Adults

Transitional housing is temporary housing (3-18 months) with case management and mentoring to help people stabilize and find permanent housing. The City currently owns two houses for families and one house for adults.

Permanent Housing

The City provides low-interest, long-term loans to affordable housing developers. Affordable housing complexes offer units at subsidized rents, relieving the financial burden of housing costs and preventing low-income households from falling into homelessness. Affordable housing developments sometimes include permanent supportive housing (PSH) units, which are frequently rented to people exiting street homelessness. More than 1,000 units of affordable housing in Elk Grove are under construction or in planning phases.

Elk Grove Police Department Crisis Intervention Response Teams

Elk Grove PD also has two Crisis Intervention Response Teams each consisting of an officer and a licensed mental health counselor who can respond to calls involving people with a mental health crisis. These teams assist many homeless individuals, although they are available to respond to any mental health-related calls.

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Winter Shelter

The Enhanced Winter Sanctuary served up to 30 unhoused residents per night from November 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024. The Gathering Inn, a nonprofit based in Placer County, operated the program. Visit the Enhanced Winter Sanctuary webpage to learn more.

Motel Vouchers for Families

Through a partnership with Elk Grove HART, the City can provide families experiencing homelessness with a voucher to stay at a motel in addition to case management and mentorship services to obtain housing and services.

Elk Grove Police Department Homeless Outreach Team

The Police Department has two full-time problem-oriented policing (POP) officers focused on homelessness. Their non-emergency line is (916) 714-5115. In emergencies and dangerous situations, please call 911.

Encampment Clean Up Program

The Encampment Cleanup Incentive Program provides trash bags and small gift cards to people who keep their campsites clean. Homeless encampments can contain hazards that pose a threat to the local quality of life. The Police Department, Public Works Department, and Code Enforcement Division work together to clear camps located on city property.

Encampments on private property must be cleared by the property manager. Property owners who do not thoroughly clean encampments may be subject to Code Enforcement action. Union Pacific Railroad Police are responsible for clearing encampments on railroad property. To report a homeless encampment, call the Police Department non-emergency number at (916) 714-5115 or report an issue through the City's website.

Cleaning up of homeless encampments may take up to three weeks to complete. Trespass notices or similar notifications may require multiple trips to the site to connect with subjects staying there. Once contact is made, resources for assistance are provided to these individuals who have at least 24 hours to pack up their belongings and leave the area.

Weekly clean-ups are coordinated for encampments on city property.

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Local Partnerships

CORE Wellness Center

The CORE Wellness Center has two components: a CORE Outpatient Program that provides outpatient behavioral health services for adults with a qualifying diagnosis and a Community Wellness Center that provides individual support and group treatment to all (adult) members of the community. The CORE Wellness Center is operated by Turning Point Community Programs.

Safe Haven for Victims of Domestic Violence

In partnership with the City, My Sister’s House provides transitional housing and comprehensive case management services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Elk Grove Food Bank

The Elk Grove Food Bank distributes food and clothes Monday through Saturday (except for the 4th Wednesday of the month). It also distributes pet food, helps clients pay utility bills, and offers services for seniors.

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Transitional Housing and Shelter for Transition Age Youth (TAY)

Waking the Village provides housing, case management, and intensive support services to homeless, parenting, or pregnant youth and/or LGBTQ youth between the ages of 18 and 24 and their children.

Partnership with Elk Grove Animal Services

This partnership offers free spay/neuter services, assistance with vaccinations, microchipping, licensing, and provides supplies to pet owners (i.e., leashes, collars, food, crates, portable pet food/water bottles).

Christy Cares Outreach

Christy Cares Outreach serves free lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Elk Grove United Methodist church.

Humanitarian Action Network

The Humanitarian Action Network frequently delivers nourishment in the form lunches, coffee and other beverages, and other needed items directly to encampments.

Strategies in Progress

Prevention Efforts

As part of Measure E, the City is looking to proactively provide one-time assistance to households at risk of homelessness to prevent that experience.

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Homeless Navigation Hotline

(916) 588-0304

Housing Administrative Analyst

Haimanot Ashenafi

Email or (916) 627-3204

Housing Division

Email, (916) 478-2254 or fax (916) 627-4800
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