Support Local

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Local businesses need you

Why Buy Local

When you spend locally, you’re contributing to our economic recovery by supporting your neighbors, promoting jobs, and funding city services like animal services, public works and police service programs that enrich the community.

Promote Jobs

When you visit local businesses, product demand rises and so does the need for employees.

Support Community

When you help put money into the local economy, you’re not only helping the local business owner, but also their family, their employees’ families and the many non-profit organizations that Elk Grove businesses help support.

City Services

Spending in Elk Grove provides the City tax revenue needed to provide services that keep the City running and enhance the quality of life.



Window Sign

If you’d like to show your neighbors that you support local, download and print a window sign.


Learn more about resources from our Economic Development team:


Do you have a favorite business you’d like to see featured on our social media? Email us a photo and drop us a quick line saying why they’re your favorite. We’ll feature new businesses monthly.

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