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Elk Grove recognizes the need to create housing units that are affordable to individuals and families of various income levels. The City’s Affordable Housing Fund (AHF), which is generated by fees on new residential and non-residential development, is used to support housing opportunities for low-income households.

Since 2021, the City’s affordable housing development strategy has been to concentrate funding on the strategic acquisition of land for affordable housing, focusing on land with potential for innovative project types. After doing some preliminary analysis on the properties, the City solicits development partners for the sites through a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process. The City’s last RFP was released in 2023. Interested developers can contact Housing and Public Services Program Manager Sarah Bontrager to be added to the circulation list for future RFPs.

As of late 2023, the City has invested $78 million in over 2,000 affordable housing units in different multifamily developments and remains a desirable place to build affordable housing.

The below map identifies the sites that meet the lower income RHNA. These sites are suitable candidates for affordable multifamily development. More information about the City's approach to its housing needs can be found in Chapter 4 of its General Plan.

What kinds of fees are required for different types of housing development?

The City’s 2024 Fee Booklet has comprehensive information regarding development related fees.

What about permits?

Information on permits can be found on the building department’s Plan Review and Permits webpage.

Does the City anticipate making funds available for projects on developer-owned sites?

Not at this time. The City is focused on developing City-owned lands.

Does the City own all the RHNA sites?

No, most are privately-owned.

How can I join the RFP mailing list?

Contact Sarah Bontrager, the Housing and Public Services Manager, at (916) 627-3209 or


Developers may request to be added to the circulation list for any future Requests for Proposals. To be added to the list, or for additional information, please contact:


Housing and Public Services Manager

Sarah Bontrager

Email or (916) 627-3209

Housing Division

Email, (916) 478-2254 or fax (916) 627-4800