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Become a Performer

Thank you for your interest in performing at our Elk Grove Multicultural Festival. We will be accepting online applications through May. Unfortunately, we have a limited budget and a limited number of performing time slots available and the submission of this application does not guarantee final acceptance.

We are looking for quality performances from community cultural groups. Our acceptance criteria gives preference to non-profits and local organizations and groups that have not performed for us in the past although this does not preclude returning performers.

If you have not performed for us in the past, arrangements will be made for our Entertainment Sub-Committee to see a sample of your performance either in person or through an online video. Our purpose is to ensure your group is a good match for our Festival.

All applicants will be contacted by a Multicultural Festival Entertainment Sub-Committee Member shortly after submitting this online application. The Sub-Committee Member can answer your question(s), if not answered below.

Access Application

General Festival and Performer Information:

  • The performances offer an opportunity to educate the community and showcase the artistic richness of other cultures.
  • We anticipate over 10,000 in attendance.
  • This is a free community event and the parking is free.
  • The Dance Stage will be covered from the sun and will have a dancer friendly floor covering.
  • The performances are up to 20 minutes and a different group performs every half hour.
  • Groups with performing Youth/Children are most welcome.
  • Performing groups are responsible for providing water/refreshments for its performers.
  • The dressing room tents are behind the Dance Stage.
  • There will be emergency medical personnel at the Festival. Contact the stage manager if they are needed.
  • The contract, waiver, and other forms requiring original signatures must be submitted to the City of Elk Grove prior to the day of the Festival.
  • There is vehicle access near Strauss Island for personnel and equipment drop off only for the dance stage. Parking is available near the pavilion. If full, over-flow parking will be available.
  • For the Music Stage, bands may drive up to the stage to unload and load equipment but must park in the parking lot.
  • Complete stage sound equipment, microphones, and speakers will be provided by the Festival.

    Music Stage

    • 4 SM 58 vocal mics
    • 4 boom stands
    • 6 SM 57 instrument mics
    • 6 instrument boom stands
    • Drum Kit kick snare
    • OH DI mono for keyboards
    • DI mono for acoustics
    • 4 -12" stage monitors
    • 1-15" drum monitor
    • 4 monitor mixes
    • CD player - Playlist Must Be In Order
    • iPod input - Playlist Must Be In Order
    • No wireless equipment provided
    • Performers can supply their own wireless devices if desired
    • No instrument cables or stands provided
    • Bands must provide stage plot and input list at least two weeks prior to performance

    Dance Stage

    • 4 SM 58 vocal mics
    • 4 boom stands
    • 4 SM 57 instrument mics
    • 4 instrument boom stands
    • 4 monitor side fills in
    • 2 mixes DI mono for instrument CD player - Playlist Must Be In Order
    • iPod input - Playlist Must Be In Order
    • No wireless equipment provided
    • No instrument cables or stands provided

    Pavilion Art Show

    • 2 SM 58 vocal mics
    • 2 boom stands
    • 1 SM 57 instrument mic
    • DI mono for instrument
    • iPod input
    • No instrument cables or stands provided

Performer Application

MCF Performer Application
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