Become a Food Vendor

  • This is a juried event and space will be limited to 20 food vendors on the site divided into 2 service areas. Vendors will be selected based on the date their complete application was received, type of products offered, menu pricing, and the need to achieve a balance of available products at the event.
  • Whenever vendors offering the same product type are vying for space, preference will be weighted to favor Elk Grove based businesses.
  • Submission of a vendor application does not constitute acceptance into the event. Event management will communicate vendor selections to all applicants the week following the application deadline.
  • Placement of vendors is pre-assigned and made at the discretion of Event Management. Placement decisions are non-negotiable. Vendors accepted into the Event will be required to submit insurance documentation in accordance with the parameters set by the City’s Risk Management Office. Those who fail to comply with these requirements and submission deadlines will be dropped from the vendor lineup.
  • This event takes place regardless of weather conditions. Vendors who fail to provide 24 hour notice of cancellation will become ineligible for participation at future City events.
  • Once accepted, vendor payments are non-refundable.

Health Regulations

  • If Vendor does not possess a County of Sacramento Multi-Event Permit (MEV), Vendor will obtain a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) event permit from the County of Sacramento with this application.
    • Pre-Packaged / Low Risk (TFF) would be issued to a vendor that sells any properly labeled, pre-packaged, processed food from an approved facility. Examples include candy, canned sodas, canned and bottled foods, and ice cream bars. This permit may also be issued to a vendor who engages in low-risk food preparation such as; snow cones/shaved ice, smoothies, hot dogs, espresso beverages, and pre-cooked/sliced pizza.
    • Food Preparation / High Risk (TFF) would be issued to a vendor who engages in cooking, packaging, processing, assembling, or portioning, of any potentially hazardous food. High-risk food preparation includes foods such as: hamburgers, tacos, meat sandwiches, and barbecue.
  • Department of Environment Health requires that all food booth applicants file a Temporary Food Facility (TFF) Information Sheet and TFF Menu Sheet. These forms will be sent in the confirmation packet upon acceptance. If you would like to review the forms or have any questions, they are available at the EHD at (916) 875-8440 or at This information will be reviewed prior to any permits being issued.
  • Vendor shall be responsible for complying with the County’s health regulations and will be subject to County health inspection. If Vendor’s booth fails to pass inspection, Vendor is solely responsible for a re-inspection fee and/or costs associated with closing and removing Vendor’s booth from the Event. Re-inspection fee will be collected at Festival before booth may re-open. Copies of the Health Code regulations are available at or by calling the County of Sacramento, Environmental Health Division at (916) 875-8440.
  • If Vendor possesses a County of Sacramento Multi-Event Permit please submit a copy with signed Application to the City. Vendor will receive discounted pricing with possession of this permit.

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Vendors selling taxable items are responsible for acquiring a seller’s permit through the California State Board of Equalization and a City of Elk Grove Business License; a copy of permit must be posted at your booth. Vendors are responsible for submitting their own resale taxes.
  • Vendors are required to supply their own equipment. Power supply will be provided by the Festival with payment of the electrical fee and advanced completion of the electrical worksheet by Vendor. Vendor must supply all of the extension cords necessary to connect their equipment from a central source provided at the back of their space by the Festival. Outside generator are prohibited.
  • All fire codes, laws, ordinances, and regulations pertinent to health, fire prevention, and public safety shall be strictly obeyed.
  • Vendor must be completely set up at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event and shall not close until the scheduled end time of the event. Failure to comply may result in exclusion from future events.
  • Every booth is recommended to have a fully charged 2A:10B:C fire extinguisher bearing a current California State Fire Marshal service tag, placed in an accessible location near the exit of the structure; or a new fire extinguisher, minimum five (5) pounds, with the sales receipt taped to the side of it for visual inspection.
  • Vendor agrees to allow the City to take photos of your booth and product during the Event, for no additional compensation. Photos taken of your product/booth may be used in City promotions.
  • Vendor/staff/employees/agents will comply with all vendor policies. Failure to comply can result in expulsion from event without a refund.

Independent Contractor

Vendor shall perform all services required under this application as an independent contractor and shall remain, at all times as to the City, a wholly independent contractor with only such obligations as are required under this application. Neither vendor, nor any of its employees, shall be considered an employee of the City.

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