Gardens at Quail Run II Lottery

Gardens at Quail Run II Lottery

Enter the lottery for the apartments 10/27 - 11/10/22.

Frequently Asked Questions for Quail Run II Apartments

Is this open to everyone or just Elk Grove Residents? 

The lottery is open to everyone. Recent State law allows cities to implement a preference for local residents when needed to prevent displacement, and this is something the City is looking into for future projects.

If I signed up for the lottery for the first phase of Gardens at Quail Run but didn’t get in, is my name automatically entered this time?

No, Gardens at Quail Run II will have a new and separate lottery. If you entered the lottery for the first phase of Gardens at Quail Run, we encourage you to enter this lottery too.

When will the lottery be open?

You will be able to enter the lottery from October 27 to November 10, 2022.

Can I enter multiple times to improve my chances?

No, only one entry is allowed per household. Any duplicate entries will be deleted.

If I enter the lottery, is my name automatically placed on a waitlist?

After the all the units at Gardens at Quail Run II are initially filled, the lottery list will become the waitlist for the first year. After that, all names will be cleared. If you are still interested in living at the property, you would need to contact the property to be added to its interest list.

When and how will I be contacted about the results?

If you are in the top 300 of the randomized ranking, you will receive an email. The Gardens at Quail Run II staff work through the list in order, and based on your ranking you may or may not be asked to complete an application. There is no guarantee that a unit at your preferred rent level or number of bedrooms will be available even if you are asked to apply.

Gardens at Quail Run II staff will be reaching out to people at the top of the randomized ranking starting in mid-November. It takes a while to work through so many applications, so please be patient. You may not be contacted until December or January.

If you are not in the top 300 in the ranking, you will not be contacted.

How will I know if my entry was received?

You will see a “success” screen and get an email verifying your entry. This may take a few hours or go into your spam filter, so please check there before contacting staff.

What do I do if I realize that I entered some of my information incorrectly?

Please forward your entry email to Jack Barnes and share the information you’d like corrected. Do NOT submit a new entry.

What size units are available?

There are one-, two-, and three-bedroom units available.

How much are rents?

The Gardens at Quail Run II will have units available to households at 30%, 50%, 60% and 80% area median income. Rents will range from $472 to $1,960.

The majority of units are for 60% area median income households, with rents between $1,042 and $1,433.

Below are the max income levels for each household size.

Persons in Household
When will units be available to move in?

We expect the first move-in dates in late January or early February 2023. This is dependent on completion of construction and could be delayed by many factors. It may take 2-3 months before all the units are completed.

Can I use a Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher?


What utilities will be gas or electric?

All utilities at Garden at Quail Run II will be electric.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed at Gardens at Quail Run II.

What is the smoking policy?

Gardens at Quail Run II is a non-smoking community.

Please contact property manager Yaminah Doyle at (916) 647-9251 for further questions about the property.