Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Crossing At State Route 99

Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Crossing At State Route 99

Project Purpose And Overview

This project will close the gap in the Laguna Creek Trail joining the existing bikeway along West Stockton Boulevard to the Camden Park Neighborhood for a continuous 7-mile active transportation facility.  The proposed overcrossing is located on State Route 99 between two major roads (Laguna/Bond and Sheldon Road), both of which have high traffic volume and are not equipped with pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly facilities. In addition to the surrounding neighborhoods, facilities surrounding the proposed overcrossing include public schools, parks, shopping centers, and several healthcare facilities. This new overcrossing would help unify the east and west side of Elk Grove and promote accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

The overcrossing will connect on the west with The Laguna Creek Trail and West Stockton Blvd. Multi Modal Improvements Project (WAM009) and to the east with the Laguna Creek and Whitehouse Creek Multi-Functional Corridor Project (WDR018); both currently in varying stages of design.

Current Status

The City has begun preliminary engineering and environmental studies.  This phase of work is expected to conclude around late May of next year.

Funding Summary

The project work is funded by multiple funding sources including a Cycle 5 Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant, a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program, and a Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Community Project Funding/Congressionally Directed Spending (CPFCDS) Program Allocation along with local funds. 

The ATP and CMAQ grant funds are being used for the Project Approval and Environmental Document phase (NEPA and CEQA). CMAQ grant funds will be used for Final Design.  Future ATP Cycle 6 grant funds and BIL Appropriations will also be used for the Construction.

Project Funding Source:

  • GF Capital Reserve Fund - $924,500
  • ATP Grant Funds - $9,378,000
  • Elk Grove Roadway Fee - $182,000
  • CMAQ Grant Funds - $1,271,000
  • Measure A Safety, Streetscaping, Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities (SSPBF) - $45,000
  • Drainage Fee - $699,288
  • Project Total = $12,499,788
Date Descriptions
October 2023 Begin 35% Design
June 2024 Complete Project Approval and Environmental Document
August 2024 Begin Type Selection and 65% Design
Spring 2026 Begin Construction