Event Permits

Event Permits

If you are planning to host an event or festival in the City of Elk Grove, you may be required to apply for one or more City permits to legally operate your event as well as permits from other agencies. Permit fees vary. Applications require submittal 60 days prior to the event.

Event Site Selection

If you intend to host your event at a location within the City that is not specifically licensed to host events, you will need to apply for a Temporary Use Permit. Download the Temporary Use Permit Checklist to help with the process.

Submit to:
Planning Department
City Hall (8401 Laguna Palms Way)
$1500 or $50 for tax exempt organizations

Street Closures

If your event will limit access or require the closure of public streets, you will need to apply for a Street Use Permit.

One-Day Liquor License

Events that include the sale of alcohol must apply for a Liquor License through the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). These applications require approval by the local law enforcement agency.

Submit to:
Elk Grove Police Department
Attention: Liquor License Permit Coordinator
8400 Laguna Palms Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758
(916) 478-8130
Once your application has been approved, you will need to return it to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

Other Agencies

Event Health Permit for Food Vendors

If you intend to give away or sell food at your event, the County Department of Environmental Health may require you to complete an event health permit. Visit the County web site for details.

Park Locations

If you intend to host your event in an Elk Grove park, you may be required to reserve the site from the Cosumnes CSD Parks and Recreation Department. Visit the CSD web site.

Fireworks and Festival Fire Prevention

If you are planning a parade or intend to include pyrotechnics, laser shows, or other open flame attractions at your event, you must apply for permits with the Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Fire Department. Festival food inspections are also coordinated with the Fire Marshal's office. Visit the CSD web site.