Overnight Warming Location (OWL)

Overnight Warming Location (OWL)

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will an OWL open?

An Overnight Warming Location (OWL) will open when weather conditions meet the thresholds outlined in the Sacramento County Officer of Emergency Services Extreme Weather Annex.  

An OWL will open when the following conditions are met: 

  1. 3 days of abnormally low daytime temperatures and lows of 32 degrees or colder 
  2. Unusual human or animal mortality 
  3. Temperatures combined with long-term power outages 
  4. 50% probably or greater of reaching 32 degrees or lower over 3 days 
Who determines when the OWL weather thresholds have been met?

The City of Elk Grove Emergency Manager will identify when weather is forecasted to meet the OWL opening criteria and will initiate the process for opening the OWL approximately 48 hours in advance of those forecasted conditions.

How will the unsheltered be notified of the opening and the location of an OWL?

The City's Emergency Manager will use a mass notification system to notify people who sign up for notifications. Notifications will be sent by text.

Who is eligible to stay at the OWL location?

Adults 18 and older. Families and children who are Elk Grove residents requesting assistance, may qualify for the hotel voucher program. Elk Grove residents can Contact Elk Grove HART for details. 

How will guests get to the OWL?

Transportation is not provided, but free bus passes are available. Contact Elk Grove HART for details. 

What are the operating hours of the OWL?

Check-in for OWL guests is 6:00pm and check-out is 8:00am.

Are there any COVID-19 requirements?

Masks must be worn when not eating or sleeping.

Are pets permitted at the OWL?

A limited number of pets are permitted at some OWL locations. Information about pet acceptance will be communicated in OWL opening notifications.

Will drug or weapons searches take place at check-in?

This will be at the discretion of each OWL host site.