Laguna Creek Restoration and Management Plan

Laguna Creek Restoration and Management Plan

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Laguna Creek serves many functions, from recreation to flood control to wildlife habitat and effective management of Laguna Creek means balancing these sometimes competing uses. The City has developed the Laguna Creek Restoration and Management Plan (RMP), which is the roadmap that will guide the future of this important public amenity for many years to come. The RMP documents routine maintenance activities and identifies restoration and management priorities along a 1.75-mile segment of Laguna Creek in Elk Grove. The RMP area encompasses Laguna Creek and its associated riparian corridor from the Bond Road/Waterman Road intersection downstream to the creek crossing downstream of the Bond Road/Elk Grove-Florin Road intersection. The RMP will (1) guide routine maintenance activities for Laguna Creek within the RMP area, including vegetation and sediment management activities, methods, and impact avoidance techniques; and (2) identify a vision for ecological restoration and long-term management along this creek segment.

The RMP is intended to provide consistent implementation guidance for the City's maintenance program on this portion of Laguna Creek, while also allowing the City flexibility to adapt to manage changing ecosystem conditions over the long term. The overall goals of the RMP are as follows

  • Improve the structural and ecosystem health of the plan area;
  • Increase native vegetation throughout the site in all vegetation strata (tree, shrub, and understory);
  • Remove or control non-native vegetation consistent with regulatory permitting requirements;
  • Reflect stakeholder priorities;
  • Engage community volunteers in initial planning efforts and ongoing maintenance activities; and
  • Identify best management practices that will assist the City with reducing flood risk.

Public Workshop

A public workshop was held on May 26, 2021.