Resources for Refugees

Resources for Refugees

The Crisis in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russian military forces conducted an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, causing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. You can provide support for Ukrainian refugees through the United States Agency on International Development (USAID). Learn more about USAID or view additional resources from the Department of Social Services.

Leaving Afghanistan

Afghan evacuees have suffered the loss of their homes, livelihoods, possessions and oftentimes family members. They need assistance to start over in a new country. The Sacramento region is a leading destination for refugees, including a large number of Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders, who proudly served alongside US forces in Afghanistan. People and organizations from throughout our community, state, nation, and around the world are pitching in and doing their part to help others in these relief efforts. As a city welcome to all, Elk Grove wants to ensure that Afghan families coming to Elk Grove have the resources they need when they arrive.
On October 13, 2021 the Elk Grove City Council adopted a resolution supporting Afghan refugees, the people of Afghanistan, and members of the United States Armed Forces. Read the resolution.


Resettlement Agencies

Resettlement Agencies contract with the U.S. State Department to assist refugees upon arrival in the country. Learn more about these Sacramento County organizations and how you can volunteer, advocate, and give to support their efforts to assist refugees.

Government Assistance

State of California

The California Department of Social Services Refugee Programs Bureau (RPB) provides state-level coordination of programs and services for vulnerable populations making the transition to California communities. Learn more about services for Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holders from Irag and Afghanistan.

Sacramento County

Sacramento County has several responsibilities when it comes to assisting refugees. Learn more about the resources available from the County.