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Development Engineering

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The Engineering Services Division has the primary responsibility to deliver facilities and infrastructure that meet the needs of the residents of Elk Grove and that comply with the standards and requirements established in the engineering guidelines and the City's Master Plans. The division achieves its goals through planning, design and construction of the City's projects, and also through the plan review and permit process to regulate and facilitate private development projects.

Whether you are planning to build or develop a new commercial or residential building, or expand upon your existing commercial or residential building, your "Project" will likely require some type of permit from the City of Elk Grove. The Engineering Services Division will assist you through the development approval process for plan review and permits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the submittal requirements and improvement standards for civil plans?

For submittal requirements and improvement standards click links below:

Note: The Improvement Standards adopted October 10, 2007, shall apply to all development applications not deemed complete on the date of adoption and the Construction Specifications shall apply to all projects that have not received improvement plan review comments on the date of adoption.

Previous Improvement Standards:

  • Prior Improvement Standards(City of Elk Grove adopted the County of Sacramento Improvement Standard, June 1, 1999)
  • Prior Standard Construction Specifications(City of Elk Grove adopted the County of Sacramento Standard Construction Specifications, September 2001)
  • Modificationsof or Addition to Improvement Standards and Details for Improvement Standards dated June 1, 1999 and Standard Construction Specifications (September 2001)

Special Provisions for Legal Relations and Responsibilities

Standard Notes


What should I do if I want to move a property boundary line?

Boundary Line Adjustments: Submittal Requirements to Planning Division

What is the difference between a Parcel Map and Final Map? What are the submittal requirements?

The difference between a Parcel Map and Final Map is that a Parcel Map is for a parcel being split into four (4) or less parcels (commercial and industrial parcels not included) and a Final Map is a parcel being split into five (5) or more lots. 

What permit do I need to do construction in the public right of way?

You need an encroachment permit

What if I need a new address for a building?

Addressing Application: Commercial and Non-Subdivision

Front Counter Support

An Engineering Technician will gladly discuss your project regarding processes for review and approval for private development projects for the Development Services Department. If you have questions, please call (916) 627-3436 or go to the Development Engineering Front Counter at 8401 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758.


Development Engineering

Development Engineering

Email or (916) 627-3436

8401 Laguna Palms Way,
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Construction Inspection Scheduling

John Pumphrey
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