Summer Villas at Sheldon

Summer Villas at Sheldon

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Project Description

The proposed Summer Villas at Sheldon Road project (PLNG23-007) consists of a Rezone and General Plan Amendment for a proposed future project to construct an active adult and senior housing community with a total of 486 units in an area with a current General Plan land use designation of Rural Residential (RR).  More specifically, the developer proposes to build 406± single story single-family patio homes, both detached and attached, surrounding a centrally located private club house, recreation center and assisted living building with 80± units.

As part of the application, the developer is seeking an amendment to the boundary line of the Rural Area Land Use Map to remove 116± acres from the Rural Area in a location that abuts a part of its southern boundary line. The developer proposes to redesignate those 116± acres from Rural Residential (RR) to 58± acres of Low Density Residential (4.1 - 7.0 du/ac), 4± acres of High Density Residential (15.1 - 40.0 du/ac), and 49± acres of Open Space (OS) along the Laguna Creek corridor and under the power lines directly east of Waterman Road. The developer proposes a corresponding rezone that would result in 58.1± acres of low density residential (RD-7), and 4.0± acres of high density residential (RD-20).

The 116-acre site consists of generally flat to slightly undulating grassland with few trees that has historically been utilized for grazing. An existing house and barn located on the northeasterly portion of the property west of Laguna Creek, accessed from Sheldon Road, are vacant. Laguna Creek bisects the property flowing from Sheldon Road to the south. Several power lines are located within easements along the east side of Waterman Road.

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Project Status

The developer submitted a Planning Application to the Development Services Department on January 13, 2023. Staff is currently evaluating the application and in discussions with the developer for more information to determine the next steps associated with their request. Requests for General Plan Amendments and Rezones require review by both the Planning Commission and the City Council. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council, and the City Council is the government body with authority to approve or disapprove the request.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes Elk Grove’s rural area?
What is the current zoning designation for this area?

The area proposed for the project is currently zoned for Agricultural Residential- 2 acre minimum (AR-2), which allows for construction of single-family dwellings on properties of 2 gross acres or larger.

What is the current General Plan designation for this area?

The area for the Project currently has a land designation of Rural Residential (RR); which Zoning designation AR-10, AR-5 and AR-2 are consistent with designation. Rural Residential uses are generally characterized by large lot rural residential development. Limited agricultural uses and animal keeping are also allowed. Lot sizes typically range from 2 to 10 acres.

Why does the City include a rural area?

The rural Elk Grove community is a valuable asset that reflects a proud heritage and way of life that existed in the area for decades. The City Council approved a General Plan that sought to preserve and protect this way of life for residents who have lived in the area for generations.

Why would the City consider this request?

Development of privately owned property must follow city development standards, but property owners have the right to request amendments and deviations to current standards. The City has a process for considering these types of requests and will follow that process to ensure that each request is considered fairly, equitably, and democratically.

Wouldn’t another location be better for this Project?

While there could be other sites for which this Project is appropriate, a land owner and/or developer is entitled to pursue approval of a project at their own risk and expense.

But this project isn’t consistent with local zoning laws. Why would it even be considered?

The property owner/developer are seeking revisions to the zoning code (Elk Grove Municipal Code, Title 23) and General Plan, which they have a right to pursue.

How soon could this project become a reality?

This project is in the very early stages of the development process. The developer’s rezoning and general plan amendment requests would require evaluation and review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and would have to be considered by the Planning Commission and then the City Council. The length of time to complete that process is unknown and dependent on a number of factors.

What opportunities do I have to voice my opinion about the proposed project?

The City will promote opportunities to provide public comment on this project as it moves through the process. Anyone can submit their comments to the City through our online form. Additional notifications of public meetings and other opportunities to comment will be shared to those who sign up for updates on this project.