Parking Authority

Parking Authority



The Board of Directors shall hold one regular meeting each year at the time and in the same location as the Elk Grove City Council's first meeting in the month of July.

History of the Parking Authority:

July 13, 2005

The City Council of the City of Elk Grove adopted Resolution No. 2005-204 , activating the Parking Authority of the City of Elk Grove and approving a Conflict of Interest Code for the Board of Directors, pursuant to California Streets and Highways Code §§ 32650 et seq.

The Board of Directors of the Elk Grove Parking Authority adopted Resolution No. PA2005-1 adopting bylaws, establishing a regular meeting date, adopting the state CEQA guidelines for use in implementing CEQA, and adopting a conflict of interest code.

Board of Directors:

Authority Board Members = Members of the City Council

Officers Position
Mayor Chair
Vice Mayor Vice Chair
Finance Director Treasurer/Controller
City Clerk Secretary
City Manager Administrator
City Attorney Legal Counsel