Business Recycling

Commercial Recycling

The State of California requires recycling at all businesses and at all multi-family residential dwellings with five or more units.

Who must comply?

All businesses, non-residential properties, multifamily properties (with five or more units), and single-family residential properties managed by an association or other organization.

What are the program requirements?

  1. Keep all recyclables separate from your trash. Recyclables include mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard, plastic containers (#1 - #7), glass containers, and aluminum and tin cans. Please see the list of Designated Recyclable for a list of all items that must be recycled.
  2. Ensure that all recyclables are collected and delivered to a recycling facility by either:
    1. Entering into a Service Agreement with aRegistered Commercial Haulerfor the collection of recyclables; or
    2. Self-hauling recyclables to an appropriate facility. For this option, you must complete and retain onsite a Self-Haul Recycling Form.
  3. Provide recycling containers inside your business. (Contact the City for free indoor recycle bins, while supplies last.)
  4. Post signs describing recyclable items in areas where recyclables are collected. You can download free signage from the City.
  5. Educate employees and/or tenants about the program.

Who can I hire to haul the trash and recycling from my business?

Only Registered Commercial Haulers can collect and haul recyclables in the city of Elk Grove. View the list of commercial service providers.

Will this requirement cost my business more money?

Most likely, however, you may be able to save money by reducing the amount of trash you generate. Increasing your recycling and/or reducing your waste can help to reduce the size needed for your trash dumpster or the frequency of collection. For help reducing your waste, see our flyer, Waste Reduction Tips.