Rental and Vacant Property Registrations

Rental and Vacant Property Registrations

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In an effort to maintain property values and quality of life in Elk Grove, the municipal code requires property owners to register vacant and rental properties with the City. Registration of vacant and rental properties provides absentee landlords/property managers an effective means to be contacted by the City when code violations exist on the property, thus avoiding costly fees, fines, or further legal action.

Rental housing seminars will be held by the City of Elk Grove once a year to inform landlords, property managers, and other interested parties about best practices for landlords, landlord-tenant law, and the Elk Grove's local ordinance. Seminars will be taught by City Staff and/or City approved providers. Please continue to check the City website for upcoming dates and to register online for this informative seminar.

Online Rental Registration 

Online Vacant Property Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vacant Property and Rental Registry?

The registries are databases to compile property owner's contact information. This information may include property management company information should the owner choose to have a company act as the property contact.

How much will it cost me?

Initial registration is $10.00. Vacant registrations are required to be renewed annually, and rental registrations are required to be renewed every three years. Property owners or managers can obtain a lifetime registration by registering for and attending the information seminar mentioned above, and re-registration would be required only when contact information or ownership of the property changes.

Will my property be inspected once I registered?

The City of Elk Grove does not have a rental inspection program. The property will only be inspected if Code Enforcement receives a complaint for a potential violation.

If a for sale sign is up or a contact sign is located on the window, do I still need to register the property?

If the property is vacant and represented by a real estate agent, the property is exempt from the requirements of the ordinance. If renters remain in the residence while the property is on the market, a rental registration would still be required.