Project Factsheets, Presentations and Documents

Dry Well Fact Sheets

Dry wells - usesAssessing the Risks of Using Dry Wells for Stormwater Management and Groundwater Recharge:  The Results of the Elk Grove Dry Well Project

This fact sheet contains information regarding the Elk Grove Dry Well Project and its findings and conclusions.

Dry Well RegulationsDry Wells - Uses, Regulations, and Guidelines in California

This fact sheet contains information regarding dry wells; and relevant regulations and guidelines in California and in other States.

Oregon Dry WellOregon's Experience with Dry Wells: The Underground Injection Control Program

Oregon has one of the most robust Dry Well Programs in the United States. This fact sheet describes Oregon's Program, and their roles in stormwater monitoring, construction and design, regulations and permitting, their monitoring program, and modeling the risk of groundwater contamination.

Literature Review

Dry Wells An Annotated BibliographyDry Wells and The Risk of Groundwater Contamination: An Annotated Bibliography

The document summarizes scientific literature and government reports addressing the risk of groundwater quality degradation associated with using dry wells to infiltrate stormwater.

Guidance/Lessons Learned Document
Guidance and Lessons Learned Document

This document summarizes guidance and lessons learned from the Elk Grove Dry Well Project.


dry wells and ground qualityDry Wells and Groundwater Quality

Presentation to the Sacramento Central Groundwater Authority on November 13, 2013. This presentation focused on dry well studies, the underground injection control program in Portland, and details of Elk Grove';s project.

stormwater infiltrationStormwater Infiltration

Stormwater Infiltration using Dry Wells as a Low Impact Development (LID) Tool

Presentation to the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) 2014 Conference in Seattle, Washington on June 4, 2014. This presentation focused on California';s water situation and how dry well as a low impact development tool could help reduce the effects of urbanization and use stormwater as a resource to improve water quality, provide groundwater augmentation and reduce localized flooding. Furthermore, details of Elk Grove's dry well projects were also presented.

State Water Resources Control Board Members.

Presentation and annual tour for the Regional and State Water Resources Control Board members. Speakers at this event addressed issues related to climate change, the drought, and the ways in which dry wells might be useful as an adaptation tools, as well as reviewed the details of the Elk Grove Dry Well project. This event was held on October 1, 2014.

Pictures of the event are presented below with opening remarks from Steve Moore, State Water Resources Control Board Member (picture 1), Kelly Rivas, Field Director for Congressman Ami Bera, Senator Richard Pan, and Mayor Gary Davis, City of Elk Grove (picture 2) and project team member Barbara Washburn, OEHHA (picture 3).

Presentation Image 1 Presentation Image 2 Presentation Image 3


Fact From FictionTechnical Advisory Committee

Presentation on project's findings and conclusions to Technical Advisory Committee on January 17, 2017.

Project Documents

Final Project SummaryFinal Project Summary

This report provides a snapshot of the project's background and description, as well as tasks completed during the project. It also discusses the project findings, performance measures, recommendations, and conclusions.

Final Report

This document was submitted to the State Water Control Resources Board as the final product of the Elk Grove Dry Well Project. It includes the project's planning, design, construction, analysis, findings, conclusions and recommendations. There are two Appendices that are included with this report.


project assessment and evaluationProject Assessment and Evaluation Plan (PAEP)This report identifies project activities, tasks, goals, desired outcomes, and performance measures.


quality assurance project planProject Assessment and Evaluation Plan (PAEP)

This report summarizes the standard operating procedures for monitoring stormwater and groundwater.

design plans for dry well and pre treatment featureDesign Plans for Dry Well and Pre-Treatment Feature

Design plan set for dry wells and pre-treatment features at the Strawberry Creek Water Quality Basin and City's Corporation Yard.

design plansDesign Plans for Monitoring Wells

Design plan set for monitoring wells at the Strawberry Creek Water Quality Basin and City's Corporation Yard.

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