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Multi-Sport Park Complex

The City is considering development of a new Multi-Sport Park complex to support area long-field sports (e.g., soccer, rugby, lacrosse), including training and tournament play.  Initial planning for the project has also included space for agricultural events, such as the Sacramento County Fair, and a stadium.  However, final design for the facility is still to be determined.

location graphicIn 2014 the City acquired an approximately 100-acre property on the south side of Grant Line Road at the intersection of Waterman Road, just outside the City limits, that could be used for the Multi-Sport Complex.  In 2015, the City began the process to annex the property into the City by filing an application with the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission, or LAFCo.  Under State law, annexations require a two-step process whereby a property must first be added to a City’s Sphere of Influence (SOI), and then it may be annexed.  LAFCo is the approving authority for both actions.  Based upon early consultation with LAFCo and at the Commission’s request, the City has included adjoining lands to the southwest and northeast as part of the SOI application.  These lands, totaling approximately 556 acre, represent the Project.  The City proposes to zone these surrounding properties to commercial, industrial, and mixed use development to increase employment opportunities.  

LAFCo considered the SOI request at its May 2019 meeting and approved the amendment.  The City is now working on addressing the studies and plans necessary to undertake annexation.  


For more information on the Multi-Sports Park Complex, contact:

Christopher Jordan , AICP
Phone: (916) 478-2222

Media Contacts:
Kristyn Nelson
City of Elk Grove
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LAFCo Materials (Sphere of Influence Amendment Application)

On July 17, 2015, the City filed its Sphere of Influence Amendment Application with LAFCo. The application is provided below for reference and public review

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