Rural Roads Policy

The purpose of the Rural Road Improvement Policy is to preserve and maintain the rural roadways in the City’s rural residential area. This policy establishes a value based approach for incremental (rather than ultimate) road improvements that solve specific traffic issues identified through periodic evaluations of traffic conditions. Road improvements within the City’s defined rural residential area shall be implemented in response to traffic impacts.

The Rural Road Improvement Policy implements the General Plan goals, policies, and actions. Specifically, this policy implements the provisions of the Land Use and Circulation Elements regarding the preservation and maintenance of features that contribute to the rural residential character, including small local roadways with minimum paving, natural landscape, and preservation of existing mature trees.
Within the City’s Rural Residential Area, roadway and intersection improvements shall be implemented in response to traffic impact and not as a result of forecasted travel demand. The phasing of improvements is based on periodic evaluations of traffic conditions through regular traffic counts, safety criteria, and tolerance for delay (level of service). Improvements will only be planned and constructed when the actual need exists.

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