Multicultural Festival

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Saturday, August 27th, 10am to 5pm

District56, 8230 Civic Center Drive

The Elk Grove Multicultural Festival showcases the diversity of cultures in our community through entertainment, dance, music, food, art and more. Travel the world without leaving Elk Grove and join us for this free family festival in its new location at District56!

Ride SacRT light rail and Elk Grove route E110 for free!

Route E110 will operate every 30 minutes to and from Cosumnes River College Transit Center with the first bus departing at 8:56 a.m. and the last E110 bus departing Big Horn and Civic Center at 5:34 p.m.To ride free, present this flyer to the Elk Grove E110 bus operator or light rail fare inspection staff upon request. Only one flyer needed per group. Valid Saturday, August 27, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. only. Check E110 bus schedules or call 916-321-BUSS (2877) for trip planning help prior to riding.

Map and schedule

Volunteer at the Festival

Art Exhibit and Competition

The Elk Grove Multicultural Festival showcases the diversity of cultures in our community through dance, dress, music, food, and art. The Art Exhibit will be showcased inside the Senior Center at District56 at the festival on August 27th.

Art Competition

Diversity Month

We're celebrating August as Diversity Month in Elk Grove! Recently, the City Council proclaimed August as Diversity Awareness Month. Join in the celebration and check out these events happening in August around town that highlight our diversity and celebrate our differences!

View the August as Diversity Month Proclamation

Diversity Month Events


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Learn about the rich and the diverse faith communities of Elk Grove, their varied theological and spiritual traditions and their wisdoms. Please take an opportunity to appreciate the unity in the diversity of faith groups and learn of their collective goal to build a just and a more caring society.


Explore Different Faiths


An opportunity to learn how Elk Grove’s diverse ethnic communities express their respective cultural values and traditions through dance forms. Enjoy the richness of the music, the exotic rhythmic body movements and the brilliance of costumes as they all combine to communicate their heritage.

garba raas  

Cultural Dance Performances


Culinary delights, taste and flavors in food vary from one country to another, from one region to another, from one ethnic group to another and often varies within an ethnic group. Learn the art and the craft of cooking from chefs who have delighted the taste-buds of people from all around the world.


Learn to Cook Cultural Dishes

Self Discipline

Inner peace appears to be a rare commodity these days. Cultural groups from around the world, from the onset of their histories, have offered solutions to finding inner peace whether through practicing yoga, meditation or through mastering one’s self control through martial arts. Observe and learn from the ancient traditions on techniques of achieving inner peace.

Martial Arts   

Ways to Self-Reflect

  • Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) Learn and master a unique art form from the Philippines. You'll develop self-confidence, self-control, awareness, character development, fitness and self-defense skills. Eskrima is a complete Martial Art and is known for lightning-fast movements utilizing weapons, empty hand trapping, strikes, kicking techniques, as well as takedowns and locks.
  • Tai Chi
  • Take a walk for peace at the Morse Park Labyrinth
    Unlike a maze with alternative pathways, a labyrinth has a single pathway to reach destinations and do some reflection on the things that bring us together. The walk, which can be taken anytime in this public setting, presents a way for community members to gain a better understanding of this amenity, and walk with specific intentions.
    Morse Park
    5540 Bellaterra Drive, Elk Grove
    More information on how to enjoy a labyrinth

Arts and crafts are a universal language that connects us all. Through unique representations of our respective cultural symbols, we come to share our common humanity.


World Renowned Artist David Garibaldi Performance


More Arts & Crafts


Music is a universal language that represents the rich cultural traditions from all around the world. Its beginnings can be traced to religious rituals and celebrations and now, it has evolved into a billion dollar entertainment industry. The variations in tonality, compositional structures and instrumentation are deeply rooted in the unique cultural expressions of its people. Learn and enjoy music from around the world.


Worldly Sounds


Learn the diverse lifestyles from around the world, including cultural wardrobes and language traditions.

Learn About Cultural Traditions


Children around the world may have different skin colors, speak different language, may be separated by high mountain and wide oceans, but there is so much they share. Through songs, music, play and stories, children learn that it is ok to be different and be the same.

  Fun Things for Kids to Explore Resources

The Sacramento Public Library and other community organizations offer resources for all age groups on understanding diversity, inclusion, and ways we may work together to creating a just, caring, equitable and a more humane society.




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