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Can e-tran or RT bus passes be purchased through the mail?

Yes, e-tran bus passes can be purchased through the mail. Forms can be accessed two ways: at our website click here, call (916) 683-8727 and request a form to be mailed to you. e-tran bus passes can be ordered with a credit card by faxing the order form to (916) 684-0912. To check on the status of the pass order, please call the City Accounting Department at (916) 684-0912.

RT bus passes can be purchased through the mail by calling (916) 321-2877 to have a form mailed to you or with a credit card by calling RT’s Fare Prepayment Department at (916) 321-2849.

Can e-tran bus passes be purchased online?

Yes, click here to purchase bus passes online. To check on the status of your online pass order call (916) 627-3279. There is a one week waiting time for the pass to be mailed and the City is not responsible for lost mail.

Who can buy e-tran and RT Monthly Passes?

Anyone. A Discount Pass is for seniors aged 62 to 74, persons with disabilities, or Military Personnel and their dependents. Student Passes are for students, ages 5-18 with valid student school I.D. A Basic Pass is for everyone else.

What is the difference between an RT and e-tran Monthly Pass?

An e-tran monthly pass is for people who ONLY use e-tran buses, transfers can be obtained from the e-tran bus drivers to a RT bus. A RT monthly pass is for a person who uses BOTH RT and e-tran buses.

Is the e-tran Monthly Pass only valid during the same month that I purchased it?

No, the e-tran Monthly Passes are valid for 31 days beginning on the first day of use.

My son, aged 16, needs to ride the bus to and from work, but it’s the summer, can he still obtain a student I.D.?

He can use his past school year I.D. card until he receives a new school I.D. card or he can go to the RT Photo Identification Center at 1225 R Street (13th Street Light Rail Station), Sacramento to obtain RT Student I.D. Card.

RT has special concessions for college students? Does e-tran?

RT has agreements with the Los Rios Community College District and California State University, Sacramento to accept their student and facility Transit I.D. cards for free bus and light rail rides. e-tran will honor these agreements and accept these Transit I.D. cards for free rides on e-tran.

My child is riding the bus to and from school, how safe is she?

Your child is in good hands. All e-tran routes are driven by professionally trained bus operators that are trained to handle certain emergency related tasks. Should problems occur on the bus, the bus operators will contact the local authorities for assistance.

My child has after school activities, how often will buses run after normal school hours?

Consult an e-tran rider’s guide for more details. Typically buses operate every 60 minutes until 7:30 pm.

Can Sacramento Residents Purchase e-tran Monthly Passes?

Yes, a Sacramento resident can purchase an e-tran monthly pass.

Are e-tran or RT Monthly Passes refundable, exchangeable or replaceable?

No, all sales are final. Once a pass is sold, no refunds are given, no exchanges can be made and no pass will be replaced if lost, destroyed or stolen.

What if I do not ride RT often, how can I use RT?

An e-tran monthly pass holder can purchase a transfer for 50 cents from the e-tran bus operator to use on RT. To transfer from a RT bus to an e-tran bus, the e-tran pass holder will have to pay full fare or $2.50 on RT.

Does e-tran accept RT Passes, Tickets and Transfers?

Yes, e-tran accepts all RT Monthly Passes, Daily Passes, Transfers and Tickets (except Central City) on e-tran buses as base fare.

Can you purchase e-tran or RT bus passes with TransitChek?

Yes, all vendors in Elk Grove accept TransitChek. Please call 1 (800) 531-2828 for more details and information.

When are e-tran Monthly Passes available for purchase?

Passes are available every day of the month.

Can I purchase e-tran or RT Daily Passes at the vendors in Elk Grove?

No, daily passes are only sold on buses.

How can I access Transit Information?

For e-tran, please call (916) 683-8726 or

For RT, please call (916) 321-2877 or

How much are e-tran and RT passes?

View e-tran monthly fare.

Any other questions regarding bus passes for e-tran please call (916) 683-8726 or for RT please call (916) 321-2849.

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