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City Launches New ‘Open Checkbook’ Application

Press Release

Press Release - City Launches New ‘Open Checkbook’ Application

Posted: 09/29/2016

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Ever wonder how much the City spends on paper? There’s now an app for that. In its continued effort to promote transparency and help residents better understand their government, the City of Elk Grove has launched a new application called “Open Checkbook,” a tool designed to let users easily explore the City’s expenses.

Presented by City budget office staff to the Elk Grove City Council during their September 28 meeting, this new resource offers residents an interactive, online platform for reviewing the City’s expenditure information on either a computer or mobile device. Open Checkbook displays the City’s expense transaction information down to invoice details and offers users the ability to convert data from graphics to tables, download raw data, and even evaluate how the City’s spending has changed over time.

“We are pleased to provide tools like Open Checkbook to our residents to improve transparency and bolster confidence that tax dollars are well spent,” said Elk Grove City Manager Laura Gill.

Open Checkbook builds upon the financial resources available to Elk Grove residents. Last June, the Open Budget tool was released in concurrence with the adoption of the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget. Open Budget displays revenue sources and expenditures for the City’s yearly operating and capital improvement budgets down to line item details.

Users can access the Open Checkbook online via or Open Budget from

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