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Elk Grove Artists

Elk Grove Artists is an organization of local artists and art supporters dedicated to the study and production of fine art and to raising awareness of the visual arts through community involvement. The artists chosen to participate in the Utility Box Beautification Pilot Program are all members of this organization.


Box #1 & 3

Artist, Dee Tschida


Dee Tschida is a native Californian, who began art studies at Chico State University, and continues learning through art workshops in California and the United States.

Her accomplishments have been noted through publication in Watercolor Magic magazine, invited artist at a California Senator’s office, two Awards of Excellence at the 54th International Open Exhibition “Bold Expressions,” artwork in the permanent collection of The City of Elk Grove, and received the Mayor’s Volunteer Award 2013 in Arts, Culture and Heritage.

She continues to serve her community as a judge of the EGUSD Superintendent’s Art Contest, Past President of Elk Grove Artists a non-profit organization, chairperson of Elk Grove Artists’ Art2Hang program, juried artist in KVIE Art Auctions, and currently managing artist through EGA for the Utility Box Beautification Pilot Program by the City of Elk Grove.

Box 1

Box 3


Box #2 & 4

Artist, Aaron Lee


My goal is to create remarkable art and continue in the dialog with the great masters of art history. I paint on canvas with oil paint, which is a beautiful and traditional medium that stands the test of time. At times I explore working with acrylic and spray paint for diverse textures and techniques. I am interested in philosophy, color and precision. My goal is to exhibit my work in museums with the intent to engage people with the power of creativity, and to help them believe that everyone has a genius that needs to blossom.

Box 2

Box 4


Box #5

Artist, Kelly Croisdale

I am a mostly self-taught artist that enjoys art as a hobby. I have dabbled in oil, watercolor, and acrylic paint as well as mixed media collage and photography. I am an eclectic artist, my styles are always changing and adapting depending on my moods. I like to create art that will delight and elicit emotion in viewers! I appreciate the quote “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” by Thomas Merton, I feel like that is very true for me. I am past Vice President and President of Elk Grove Artists and am still an active member after 10+ years.

I show in different galleries on occasion and enjoy donating my artwork to local charities. A few years ago I was excited to paint a Sacramento News and Review Box that resides in downtown Sacramento at the corner of 5th and P Street. I am also part of the Utility box Beautification Project for the City of Elk Grove. Creating art that will inspire the community is something that is very rewarding and that I hope to do more of in the future!

Box 5

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