Utility Box Beautification Pilot Program

The Utility Box Beautification Pilot Program was initiated by the City Council and Committee for the Arts. This pilot program celebrates local artists and their artwork, acts as a deterrent to vandalism, and brings a different type of public art to Elk Grove. The individual boxes may vary in theme and technique depending on the artist.

All five of the utility boxes were completed by May 2016.

Box 1Box 2Box 5Box 6Box 3Box_4Box 7Box 8Box 9

Elk Grove-Florin Road

100’ north of
Carmel Valley Way

Location 1

Box Location #2

Elk Grove Blvd.
In median east of tracks
at Railroad Street

Location 2

Box Location #3

(Includes 2 boxes)
Bond Road
100’ west of Quail Cove Drive

Box Location #4

(Includes 2 boxes)

Laguna Blvd.
South side East
of Laguna Springs
(Near BJ’s)

Location 4

Box Location #5

(Includes 2 boxes)
Bond Road
South side East of Hwy. 99
(Near Bubbles Car Wash)

Location 5

Artist Bio

A special thank you to Sherwin-Williams for their donation of supplies and paint.

Sherwin Williams Logo

Contact Information

City of Elk Grove

Nathan Bagwill

Email or (916) 627-3424

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